10 Beginner Vaping Mistakes and How to Fix Them

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As a beginner vaper, you’re probably running into problems left and right, trying to figure out how to best use that new contraption of yours for maximum effect. We get it - it can sometimes be very frustrating when you’re breaking in a new habit.

Every vaper goes through that short period of adjustment. The important thing is not to get so frustrated that you end up ditching vaping and going back to smoking just because it’s easier.

10 Common Vaping Mistakes

Avoid If You Want to Be a Happy Vaper

Here’s a rundown of the most common vaping mistakes and tips on how to avoid them.


Because, while learning from your own mistakes is a great life lesson, it’s best to avoid it when it comes to vaping. It’s costly and can really put you off the whole thing.

  1. Buying Cheap Vape Gear

You’ve probably noticed that vaping is a game of choices - there’s so much gear out there that even experienced vapers have trouble deciding on what to use. Choices are good, remember that, but only if you know what you’re doing.

As a beginner, you probably want to cut corners and save money - you don’t want to spend a $200 on your first e-cig. However, you also don’t want to spend $10. Cheap vaping equipment makes everything taste lousy. In addition to that, it will also spring a leak, malfunction, and break after a simple bump.

How to solve this problem? Ask around - visit forums, read reviews, mingle with more experienced vapers. If you have the time, go and visit your local vape shop - you won’t have to rely on store employees to help you because it’s always busy in a vape shop and vapers are generally a very helpful bunch. Make your decision after weighing all the pros and cons and you will end up with a good device.

  1. Treating Vaping as Smoking

Just because vaping can be used as a substitute for smoking, it doesn’t mean that you can treat it the same way you treat a cigarette. Instead of going all bonkers on your device, make sure to take extended, even puffs to get the most out of it.

Also, remember that it’s going to take a little while for you to adjust to vaping. Vape devices deliver less nicotine to the body (on average), so your vape sessions will last a bit longer than your usual cigarette breaks.

If you’re really craving a nicotine hit, and you want to get it via vaping, plan a bit more time in advance. Inhaling like crazy will get you nowhere and will only leave you with a bad taste in your mouth. Alternatively, it might be a good idea to use a vape juice with higher nicotine content, at least while you’re starting out.

  1. Forgetting to Charge Your Battery

Forgetting a lighter if you’re a smoker might look like a nightmare, but there’s usually someone around who will bail you out. However, what do you do if you forget to charge your vape? Well, there’s not much that you can do, really. A vape device that’s low on battery won’t fire and it’s not like you can just ask someone for a spare one. Even if they did have it, what if your battery is integrated and you can’t swap it out?

The best solution for this problem is to make sure that you leave your vape to charge an hour before leaving the house - that should give you plenty of power for at least few hours. If that’s not an option, carry a power bank and your vape’s USB charger with you so you can charge on the go. If you use replaceable 18650 batteries, always make sure that you’re carrying a spare battery with you. Do that safely in order to avoid unwanted consequences - for example, thermal runaway and battery explosion.

  1. Buying Any Old Vape Juice

One of the best things about vaping is that you get to tweak your whole experience. A big part of that experience are the vape juices that you decide to vape on. Unlike with smoking, where your only choices are tobacco or menthol, with vaping you get to try out your favorite fruits, desserts, cakes, vegetables, or even bacon - of that’s your thing. However, finding good juices can be tricky and you might end up settling for something that’s not really your thing.

Don’t settle!

Juices are relatively cheap so it doesn’t cost you to experiment a bit until you find something that you’re really satisfied with. Also, keep in mind that two main ingredients of vape juice (PG and VG - click on the link to learn more) offer a different vaping experience. If you find that you’re getting too low of a throat hit (a sensation in the back of your throat that’s similar to smoking), buy a juice with a higher PG content. However, if you’d want the flavors to really pop, get a juice with a higher VG content.

  1. Forgetting About Maintenance

An e-cig is an electronic device and, as such, it really needs special attention every once in awhile. If you’re lax about it, you can expect your vape sessions to be cut short by circuitry problems, leaky tanks, or just horrible flavor.

To make sure that doesn’t happen to you, regularly maintain your device. Check it for leaks and damage every day - if something’s leaking, check the O-rings inside the tank and replace them if necessary. Keep an eye out on the battery - if it doesn’t hold a charge for more than an hour or so (even when fully charged), it’s time to replace it. Also, don’t forget that the coils in your tank need regular replacing - some will work for a couple of weeks, while others will need to be swapped out after a week. Once you start noticing a decline in flavor, it’s time to get a new coil.

  1. Mixing Flavors Willy-Nilly

Alright now - even though vaping is pretty subjective and there are dozens of way to vape (all of them are the right ways, by the way), there are some things that you just don’t do! Non-complementary flavors should never be mixed because they don’t taste right - and no, you’re not the first person to mix pumpkin with lemon! People have tried it and it tastes gross. The only thing that you will achieve with this is ruining two perfectly good bottles of juice and incurring additional expenses.

So, for the love of God, don’t mix if you’re not absolutely sure that you know what you’re doing. Don’t add a drop of this to that and think it’s going to work. Also, avoid adding new flavors to a tank that you ‘just didn’t have time to wash’ before. Flavor stays on the coils and if you don’t thoroughly wash the tank (or change the coil) you will be treated to a bad taste of flavor ghosting - that is, that previous vape juice flavor that was in that tank will haunt you and probably ruin that sweet raspberry that you have in there right now.

In a nutshell? Just don’t do it!

  1. Using Too Much (Or Too Little) Nicotine

As we’ve mentioned already, vaping is not smoking and if you’re using it as a replacement, you’re going to need a couple of tricks up your sleeve to make sure that you don’t slip up. The biggest mistake beginner vapers make is going with a low nic vape juice. Nicotine delivered by a vape will never match the amount delivered by a cigarette in the same timeframe. This could lead to you feeling unsatisfied and reaching for a smoke.

To prevent that, make sure to start off with a higher nic vape juice - best would be around 12 to 18 mg for heavy smokers, and 9 mg for casual smokers. These juices will easily satisfy your nicotine cravings and you won’t feel as if vaping is a poor substitute for smoking.

On the other hand, if you’re already vaping for quite some time and you’re into sub-ohming (low resistance builds with plenty of vapor), the worst thing you could do is vape on a high nic juice. At this point, you’re already inhaling a huge amount of vapor into your system and it’s pretty hot - add high nic content to that and your throat won’t be able to handle the burning.

The point? If you’re weaning yourself off cigarettes with vaping, use juices that are high in nicotine. If you’re in it for vapor and flavor, use vape juices that are lower (o, 3, or 6 mg) in nicotine.

  1. Always Using the Same Old Vape Juice

Even though there’s only one vape juice flavor you really, really love, switch things up every once in awhile. Not only is experimenting fun, if you switch between juices you won’t get a case of the dreaded vaper’s tongue. Vaper’s tongue is when you vape so long on the same stuff that your taste buds simply shut down - they can’t even recognize the flavor anymore.

To make sure that this doesn’t happen to you, live a little! Try out some new flavors and treat yourself to a batch of new vape juices from a different brand. Who knows, you might even find a couple of new all-day vapes. In any case, your old favorites will always be there waiting for you.

  1. Keeping Your Vape Device On All the Time

A vape device that’s kept on at all times is a ticking time bomb. Let’s put aside the fact it will definitely need to be replaced faster than normal (since it was not designed to work nonstop), it’s also very dangerous and can lead to disastrous accidents. For example, an active vape device can short out while in your pocket, causing injury.

To be on the safe side, always turn off your device when you’re not using it, especially if you’re carrying it around on your person. You will be protecting yourself and others around you that way, as well as extending the life of your gear.

  1. Being a Vape Jerk

Once you get into vaping and start feeling all the benefits of not being a addicted to analog ‘death sticks’, you run the risk of becoming a vape jerk. Every vaper was there at one point - you start telling people how great vaping is, complaining about cigarette smoke, blowing vapor everywhere because ‘it’s totally safe’, and stuff like that.

Everyone will be glad for you - for a while, that is. After the grace period, you will become a social pariah and people will start avoiding you. If you don’t want that to happen, tone it down a bit. Discuss vaping only when asked and don’t vape everywhere just because you can.

You’re Now Ready for Vaping!

Now that we have these common vaping mistakes sorted out, you’re ready to go out and enjoy yourself! Keep everything we’ve mentioned in mind, and you won’t run into any problems while vaping. However, this list is not comprehensive so if you feel that something else should be up there, chime in! Drop down by the comment section and let us know - we’ll be thankful for your input.

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