10 Tricks to Stop Your Ecig from Leaking

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Since your reading this post you probably know all too well the feeling of reaching into your jacket pocket to get your ecig out and - gross! Your hand is now covered in e-juice, a few choice words spill out, then you clean it up and go about your day hoping it doesn’t happen again. Right? Lucky for you, leaking e-juice from your tank is a common issue amongst the vaping community meaning someones already came up with a solution or in this case solutions.

Let’s dive right in…

How to Stop Your Ecig from Leaking

1. Fill tank properly (Don’t overfill tank)

Fill Tank Properly to avoid leaking

The cause of most leaks is not filling your clearomiser the proper way.

All tank styled atomizers have a central tube going from the coil up to the mouthpiece and if you get e-juice in there, you’ll definitely run into problems with leaking.

The Fix

To avoid getting any e-juice in the central tube you’ll need to tilt your tank when you fill up; similar motion to pouring beer. this will ensure the liquid runs down the inner edge of your tank and stays as far away as possible from the center tube. As it fills up, slowly straighten the tank to avoid spills. (Leave a small amount of air. This creates a vacuum inside the tank which helps hold the e-juice in the chamber.)

You can confirm this fix by trying to take a puff, and seeing if you can get a clear, clean hit.

If you manage to get liquid down the center tube just clear the excess with a tissue

  • remove the bottom and blow through it onto a piece of tissue.


2. Tighten everything up and watch out for cross threading

Not securely screwing in all your various components is another issue that leads to leakage. Gaps, where your coil meets the base of your atomizer or where the base of your atomizer meets the tank, can be enough to create said leaks.

The Fix:

Take your time and ensure that when you are reattaching your pieces everything fits snuggly. Always check atomizer head because this can occasionally loosen when you unscrew the tank.

A common problem when screwing everything together is “Cross Threading" which is where the threads on the two components you're screwing together don’t match up equalling an imperfect seal. The best fix for this is to:

  • Line everything up
  • turn it counter-clockwise until you hear a click
  • then screw it in clockwise



3. Don’t over tighten

Dont Over Tighten Leaking Ecig

I know, we just said you should tighten everything up but it’s important to note that over tightening can cause its own issues with leaking.

The reason being is it damages the O-rings, the little rubber rings near the threading where two parts of your tank meet. They are key to making a perfect seal and if they split or break that means escaped e-juice.

The Fix:

Screw everything together firmly but don’t pull a muscle or break a sweat. Not a lot of strength is needed here.


4. Leave the tank standing up

Standing Ecigs No Leaking

A horizontally placed ecig (laying flat on the table) can lead to leaking especially when the tank is under half full due to juice holes in the coil allowing the juice to spill through the coil and into the central tube or out the air flow holes.

The Fix:

Place your device in the vertical position when not in use (stand it up).


5. Use the correct coil and e-juice combination

Some tanks will come with replaceable coils with varying resistances and that means they are suited for doing different things.

The Fix:

  • Higher resistance coils (above 1 ohm) - Use higher PG (thinner) juices. These coils tend to have smaller juice holes allowing the higher PG juices to flow easily.

    In addition, higher VG e-juice vaporizes at a higher temperature causing excess juice problems because the coil can’t vaporize the juice properly.

  • Low resistance coils (below 1 ohm) - Use with higher VG (thicker) juices. The juice holes and air flow holes are generally a lot bigger to allow for the thicker liquid.

    Using high PG (thinner) juice in one of these coils will likely cause flooding issues. These coils allow too much thinner liquid into the coil, which will end up either in the central tube, or leaking out of the airflow holes.


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6. Check your o-rings and replace if necessary

O-rings were mentioned earlier but it’s worth it to mention them again since tightening is not the only way to wear them out. They can degrade over time, move out of position, or just be faulty upon arrival.

The Fix:

Take your clearomizer apart, locate the rubber rings, and give them a good look over. If they look degraded or out of place remove them and replace with new ones.


7. Increase power setting

Flooding is caused when too much juice gets pulled into your coil and it can’t vaporize. Resulting in excess e-juice that can leak out of the coil housing.

The Fix:

Switch to a higher power or voltage setting so it can vaporize more juice per puff


8. Check for Cracks

Leaking Ejuice Broken Tank

A small thing like a thin crack in the glass can allow juice to leak because your tank is no longer air tight.

The Fix:

Check your tank for cracks or other damages. If your glass is cracked it is usually inexpensive to buy a replacement tube.


9. Choose a leak resistant tank

Joytech Cubis

Technology has advanced since the first days of vaping and there are leak resistant tanks available.

The Fix:

Look for leak resistant tanks

A few to look at: Joytech Cubis, Aspire Cleito 120 is a great Sub-Ohm tank, and Freemax Fireluke Mesh is the new wave.


10. Don’t fly with a filled tank

The changes in cabin pressure will cause your tank to leak all over the place.

The Fix:

Empty out any e-juice from your tank before you put away your device. 

Don’t want to waste your juice? Look into getting a travel device like The BYRD by Space Jam Juice which is a closed system device approved for flying.



That's a wrap for our 10 ways to avoid your tank from leaking. Hope you found something useful and to keep your from having to deal with the gross sticky mess of leaked e-juice. Happy vaping! 

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