T.V Time Warp

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You like "Mad Men," right? Then time travel with us back to the 1960s, when E Cigs made their first debut.

e cig juiceThe year is 1963, and smokers are everywhere. Even doctors, dentists, and school teachers smoked--on the job! Despite the omnipresence of smoking's cultural domination, a man named Herbert A. Gilbert has created what he describes as "a smokeless non-tobacco cigarette." His invention trades burning tobacco and paper with "heated, moist, flavored air." Sound familiar?

Obviously, this non-smoking device did not catch on quickly, and it wasn't until several years later, in 1967, that business interests began contacting Gilbert, wanting to manufacture and distribute his ingenious little invention. But this smoke and mirrors vapor technology was never commercialized and disappeared from public record before decade's end, making this tale perhaps more "Twilight Zone" than "Mad Men." In other words, Gilbert's revolutionary idea went up in...smoke.

Until 2003, that is, when Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik developed what we now recognize as the prototype for our modern day Electronic Cigarette. Much more complicated than the easy-to-use clearomizers and starter kits we sell here at BuyVapor, Lik's gadget involved freaky-sounding technology like a "piezoelectric ultrasound-emitting element" and "pressurized liquid jets." Yikes!

But that got the ball rolling, and nicotine fiends came trolling. Because of Lik, we enjoy the vape-enhancing benefits of propylene glycol and plastic E Liquid cartridges. His creation also started the mass production of E Cigarettes, which publicly debuted in China in 2004. Then in 2006, a couple of British brothers (Umer and Tariq Sheikh) created the cartomizer--a heated coil and liquid vaporizer--which launched in the UK in 2007. From there, as they say, the rest is history.

Nowadays, we marvel at the Mad Men era on TV (cigarettes, everywhere, all the time), but the smoke stays on the screen, as we delight in the fruits of half a century's labor towards a newer, better, and more flavorful way to enjoy nicotine. Why not celebrate that flavor--and freedom--with a futuristic E Juice from Space Jam. Try Andromeda for an unbelievable blend of Blueberry and Pomegranate, or complete our travels through time with Bubblegum-Melon flavored Pluto. Because way back when, it used to be a planet, and E Cigs used to be a dream of the future.

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