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SantaHolidays got you feeling weary, run-down? Have all the festivities left you frenzied and full? It certainly is a merry time of year, but its also a time when we feel the ol' adage "too much of a good thing" in our hearts, heads and too-tight jeans. Time for a breath of fresh air.

Like a palate cleanser between courses at a fancy restaurant, or the coffee beans you sniff between sampling candles or perfumes, our 100% American-made E Liquids and E Juices can serve as a sensory shake-up, a way to simplify and start over. Not to mention that the ritual of vaping in itself is a way of taking a much needed step back--without having to step out into the cold!

If you're really looking to get back to basics, then start with our BuyVapor Turkish Tobacco, a classic and aromatic E Cig liquid that brings to mind exotic imports, delicate spices and earthy tobacco leaves...all without having to leave the comfort of your own, familiar home. It's a great way to enjoy vaping in its simplest form, a tried and true traditional treat.

Now, for something that's more of a shake-up to the senses, we recommend our BuyVapor Wintergreen, with its crisp minty bite and menthol hit. Combined that with a smooth, slightly sweet finish and this is absolutely a breath of fresh...vapor. This E Liquid is stimulating and straightforward, at the same time.

To harken back to traditional palate cleansers--and celebrate what's left of this wintry weather--we off Jameson's Irish Vapor in Tanjello. Named for the sweet fruite that boasts bright tangerine flavor with tangy, tart grapefruit and pomelo, Jameson's Tangello is a fantastic, bright blend, perfect for rescuing you from those cold-weather doldrums.

Really, no matter which flavor you choose, guarantees and one-of-a-kind, exhilarating E Cig experience.

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