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If you frequent (and why wouldn't you?), you may have noticed that our website is constantly changing, that we're continuously updating and adding to our collection of high-quality E JuicesE Liquids and vaping supplies. This is because we're always seeking to better our selection and service, always searching out the next best thing.

Which is why we're pleased as punch to proffer The Standard Vape E Liquids. Handcrafted in Southern California, The Standard Vape offers unique and subtle flavor pairings in sturdy and artful phials that appeal to a modern sense of taste. Every bottle is manufactured at their lab-grade facility and made by hand to ensure the highest level of quality and consistency. Here are some of their finest flavors:

A perfect smooth, clear and bright flavor for the New Year, Cell Block Four begins with a creamy, carameled crème brûlée flavor that's sweet and full on the tongue, like custard, followed by a lively lift of fresh citrus fruit. A calm and clever vape, perfect for everyday vaping.

For an even more eclectic vape, try Frankenvape, an uncommon pairing of sweet-tart kiwi and creamy-soft marshmallow. This imaginative mixture is just crazy enough to work, packing monstrous flavor with a sweet heart. No need to fear this creation.

If you want more fruity flavor, then try G-35, a tropical getaway from the winter blues. All the usual suspects are there--coconut, pineapple and mango--but with a pleasantly surprising touch of minty menthol to finish. Fresh fruit and cool mint gives tropical mojito-like flavor to this luscious E Liquid.

And to complete your beach bum vacation, relax with The Standard Vape'Irie Nights, a bold Carribean blend of Jamaican rum and toasty-sweet brown sugar. It's beach time, any time, and anything but standard.

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