The Power of Pyrex

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Part of growing up is outgrowing the knee-jerk impulse to react to and revolt against everything our parents stand for, begrudgingly admitting that they're right about a thing or two. It's a beautiful thing--as you gain some of the wisdom that Mom and Dad, Gran and Gramps, tried (unsuccessfully) to pass down, it puts you on the same level. Growing up means seeing your parents as equals, and vice versa.

Grandmas pyrexOne thing that Granny and Mom likely know plenty about, but may not have shared, is the power of Pyrex. In technical terms, Pyrex is low thermal expansion glassware, used in laboratories, but you probably know it better as that white, patterned glassware (mushrooms and owls, anyone?) that holds casseroles at family gatherings. Or those liquid measuring cups with a handle and little red measurement lines along the side. Pyrex has been a household name for years, and with good reason--it's sturdy, attractive, and easy to clean.

Pyrex is perfect for casserole or cobbler, because almost nothing sticks to it. For a clearomizer, this is ideal, guaranteeing no sticky residue, no left-over flavors. It means thorough cleanup. Our KangerTech ProTank and KangerTech ProTank-2 both boast 2.5ml Pyrex glass tanks.

The biggest worry in buying a long-lasting clearomizer is that it won't be long lasting--the class will break, or small pieces will be lost. But Pyrex is anything but fragile; it's borosilicate glass (a combination of silica and boron oxide), so durable that it's used in space technology! That's right--the California Institute of Technology uses a 200 inch Pyrex telescope mirror.

Of course we want our customers to return over and over again, but not because your clearomizer's broken. With the KangerTech ProTank series, and Pyrex, there's no need to worry! It also features replaceable atomizer heads, a bottom coil, and the ability to work on any 510 thread device without the need for an adapter. As a bonus, we throw in a matching Ego Cone cover.

Pyrex meets ProTank, for unstoppable power. 

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