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Chewing gum--once thought of as a rude, adolescent behavior--is gaining popularity, with studies describing benefits including improved studying and test scores, and enhanced alertness. A recent study making the internet rounds describes how researchers at St. Lawrence University in New York randomly split a group of 159 students, giving gum to some and none to others. They found that the gum-chewing students outperformed their non-chewing counterparts in five out of six cognitive ability tests. Wow!

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Then of course, there's the weight loss aspect. Study after study has shown that chewing gum can aid in weight loss. University of Rhode Island researchers found that regular gum chewers consume about 70 calories less at lunchtime, without making up for it by snacking later. And gum lovers tend to burn about 5% more calories daily.

Yet gum chewing can still be seen as inappropriate for many situations, like at the office, in a meeting, during a job interview, at the dinner table...and most gum uses artificial, chemical flavors that turn stale after only a minute or two. Not to mention that Israeli scientists have linked chewing gum with migraine headaches!

But if you're looking for a way to stave off snacking between meals, signal the end of a meal and enjoy your after-dinner conversation, or prevent mindless munching, look no further. has everything you need in the way of a calorie-free, true-life flavored oral distraction, whether or not you like nicotine!

Some flavors we suggest are:


Space Jam Pluto, a fun and sweet blend of bubblegum and melon, for the fruity gum lovers among us.

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