You Don't Know Me! You Don't Know What I Want!

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It seems like every single site these days has its own log-in and password. Remember the days when you just had your email and password to contend with? When, unless you were a frequent buyer, there was no reason to join up or create a profile? But now, every site wants your basic info and profile pic. Even checking your kids' grades requires logging in to the school website, yada yada yada. It can feel like too much.

Remembering so many different passwords is a hassle, and using the same one over and over leaves you über vulnerable to hackers. Besides, maybe you don't WANT to create an account for every last thing, sharing personal information with myriad businesses, never quite certain of how or where they'll share your private details. We get it.

But the thing is: we really DO want to get to know you, and anticipate your wants. We want to help customize your Buy Vapor experience, and we want to reward you for being a loyal customer. That's why we created our Vapor Rewards program--to say thank you, personally.

If you have a store account, then you're already, automatically enrolled. If not, then we strongly encourage (but do not mandate!) that you create an account the next time you buy from Buy Vapor. Not only does it speed things up on your end, it helps us keep track of you as an individual customer. AND you can earn free stuff and discounts!

Vapor Rewards are issued as coupon codes to be redeemed at check-out. Super easy. We're talking minimal hassle, maximum rewards. Because we do know what you want--free stuff from, you're one-stop online e juice shop. 

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