Only YOU Can Prevent Cigarette Litter

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E Cigs are growing in popularity, and gaining in publicity, all the time. Even prestigious news sources like the New York Times can't go more than a few weeks without an article or opinion piece on vaping culture and e cig legislation. 

Now, we can talk about the ease and convenience of e cigs (just about anywhere, any time). We can talk about the delicious flavor options and pure nicotine experience.  Or we could share with you a simple way in which vaping has a radically different impact not only on you, but on your world and environment: litter. By their very nature, Electronic Cigarettes are much more sustainable than old fashioned paper-and-tobacco throwaways.

That's a big deal, because cigarette butts account for between 38 and 50% of all litter in the US, every year. That's a lot of litter! And according to, the US spends over 11 BILLION dollars each year, just trying to clean up the litter that smokers so thoughtlessly create, mistakenly thinking "It's just a small butt," and not realizing that when each smoker discards on average 5 or more butts per pack, the trash piles up pretty quickly.

One of the biggest factors in cigarette butt litter is the increasing lack of ash trays. This is a trend that will probably not soon reverse, as smoking legislation tightens and public smoking spaces become all but extinct. For example, in the past decade, ash trays as a standard feature in new cars have been steadily phased out.

But you have the power to change the world, by changing your impact, without giving up the pleasure of a leisurely nicotine break. With a starter kit from, you can reduce your cigarette butts to zero, instantly. And with prices starting as low as $6 (like for our 365 Clearomizer, available in a variety of colors), it's a painless switch to make. 

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