The Geography of Bliss

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No SmokingIn his world-traveling, soul-searching book, Eric Weiner travels the world on a quest to find the happiest nations on Earth. Extending to the corners of the globe, including Iceland, Bhutan, Moldova and Qatar, Weiner's search (titled "The Geography of Bliss: One Grump's Search for the Happiest Places in the World") turned up some interesting finds. 

For example: for all their efficiency and affluence, the Swiss are categorically bored, while in Qatar, mo' money does not equal mo' problems, but rather more happiness. In India, Westerners "seek their bliss at the feet of gurus" (according to Weiner's official website), while in Thailand happiness-seekers try to empty their minds. 

And, in an extreme show of legislative restrictions that are becoming all too common even in the US, Bhutan has completely banned smoking. No smoking anywhere, anytime, in the entire country. This might seem far-fetched, but consider: as of January 2014 (according to, 28 US states have banned smoking in all enclosed public spaces. That means every bar, every restaurant, and every office is smoke-free by law. 

For smokers, it seems that the geography of cigarette break bliss is an ever-shrinking island in a sea of No Smoking signs. But! The geography of vaping is a happier, heftier chunk of real estate. Since E Cigarettes contain no tobacco and produce no smoke, they are welcomed many places that cigarettes aren't. With an inexpensive, refillable clearomizer from, you can easily smoke while out on a dinner date, at the bar with friends, or in the office break room on a chilly day. 

Add to that delicious flavors like Jameson's "Amelia" (a full, fresh strawberry flavor), or The Standard Vape's "Curious Jorge" (real, rich banana flavor).

And since E Cigarettes release only an odorless vapor, your vaping bliss will not impede on the happiness of those around you. 

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