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Every year, when the weather gets warm, thoughts turn to cleaning house, top to bottom. Right? Ha! If you're like us, then you're more likely to head out for a game of frisbee or picnic in a park. But Spring Cleaning has its benefits. It feels good to shake out the old and welcome in a fresh new season. It's such a common practice, but its roots are mysterious and unconfirmed, dating back to ancient times.

Some say that Spring Cleaning comes from "Norouz," the Persian New Year, which falls around the first day of spring. Iranians today continue the practice of "khooneh tekouni," which literally means "shaking the house," in preparation for a new year. Scotts practice a similar "New Year's cleaning" tradition on Hogmanay, though that's December 31st and definitely not Spring.

Others believe that spring cleaning dates back to the ancient Jewish tradition of thoroughly cleansing the home in preparation for Passover. This is a more food-based cleanse, wherein Jews rid their homes of anything leavened or fermented with yeast, in remembrance of their ancestors' fast flight from Egypt. There's even a traditional hunt for "chametz" (leavened) crumbs by candlelight!

In North America and Northern Europe, Spring Cleaning took hold readily enough due to the regions' wet climates. In 19th century America, before the age of vacuum cleaners, March was ideal for dusting and airing out--warm enough to open the windows, but not yet insect weather.

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