Obsession Vapor

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Obsession Vapor offers a taste of the good life and the drive to achieve it. Created by the talented mixologists behind some of the best ejuices out there, Obsession Vapor is unique, robust but intricate, on the tongue and throat.

What is Your Obsession?

Everyone has something that they strive for, something that they obsess over. Obsession Vapor pays homage to the driving force in each person's life with each flavor. Some strive for Fame, others for Prestige or Power, some Glory or Fortune...while everyone strives for Passion.

The Flavors of Obsession Vapor

The flavor of Fame is richly tropical in a fabulous Lave Flow blend. The flavors of banana, strawberry, pineapple and coconut are combined perfectly in this Red Carpet of juices. Fortune is made of the finer things. It smiles upon you with the delectable delights of apple cinnamon danish with French vanilla undertones. Glory is a bold and full bodied flavor. It's bright cranberry and deep apple notes in a magnificent Sea Breeze ejuice satisfy you completely. Prestige is smooth, yet sophisticated. It is blended into a peach lemonade with a hint of summer strawberry ejuice. Power will roar into your mouth. Full bodied dragon-fruit is balanced perfectly with sweet Bavarian creme. Passion is awaiting in a creamy white ejuice. It draws you in with a full bodied strawberry custard and leaves you craving more.

Choose Obsession Vapor for those days and nights seeking your dream. Each flavor will take you to a new place in yourself; a fresh plateau of sensory delight to experience. Whether you are rising to the top with Power or seeking Fame and Fortune, you will not be disappointed in these flavors. While this is a new line of ejuice sensations, it comes backed by a fine pedigree.

Enjoy the Sensation

It doesn't matter if you are an experienced vaper or a new vaporizer enthusiast, there is something for you to obsess over in this flavor packed line of ejuice. Each juice has been blended carefully to provide a great mouth feel and sublime throat hit.


Obsession Vapor is available in nicotine free to full strength nicotine blends. Feed your personal obsession and indulge in one of these new flavors from master mixologists.

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