360 New Vapers in the UK Every Single Day

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When the government isn’t dead-set on opposing vaping, miracles, indeed, can happen. A report released in January 2017 by Ernst & Young shows that e cigarettes have the largest market penetration in the United Kingdom, where a person switches from combustible cigarettes to their electronic counterparts every 4 minutes. Around 4.2 % of adults in the UK vape and that number is closely followed by France, holding steady at 3.1 %.

Granted, at this uptake rate it would take roughly 60 years for all adults who smoke in the UK to switch to vaping (according to our back-of-the-napkin math and assuming that 17 % of adults smoke). Still, it’s a great move towards a smoke-free society.

The UK government took a slightly different approach to vaping when compared to the FDA. They’ve opted to inform their citizens of benefits of vaping and are guided by science and facts. Both Royal College of Physicians and Public Health England (leading health institutions in the country) have concluded that, while vaping should be further investigated, there’s no reason to oppose it as a smoking cessation tool. In fact, RCPs 200-page report concluded that use of e cigarettes is ‘most likely’ in the the interest of public health in the UK!

Dare we hope that such a turn of events might occur in the United States? It’s difficult to say but the fight to save vaping is ongoing and we at BuyVapor are giving it all we’ve got!

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