What are the best e liquid flavors?

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Cookies and Cream

Imagine digging into the scrumptious reality of tasting cookies and cream. Easily one of the most dynamic, sweet and satisfying e liquid flavors, the chocolate and vanilla contrast is delectable. It’s so good that it may help you quit ice cream while you’re at it.

Swedish Fish

Vegetarians need not worry. No animals were harmed in the making of this flavor. Also, despite the title, this flavor was safely made in the USA. In fact, the title refers to the sweet but tangy candy of the same name. Fans of Swedish Fish candy will want a daily dose of this - it has a fruity, delicious flavor that will satisfy fans of hard candy, too.

Strawberry Banana

Like what is arguably the greatest smoothie combination ever, the strawberry banana e cig liquid provides a strong dose of sweetness. The indulgent vapor draws upon the berry sweetness and the substance of banana to perfectly combine the best parts of both flavors. 


For those who want to focus on mint-like refreshment, the wintergreen e cig liquid is the most awesome choice. It is undeniably reminiscent of a wint-o-green Lifesaver. This menthol flavor mellows the mint crispness with a sweet, smooth finish. It’s definitely on the refreshing side of nicotine products.


Tip for Any Flavor

Read the bottle before you buy e liquid. All of the ingredients will be listed clearly on the packaging. The contents are likely to simply be nicotine, a flavoring, and food preservatives - clear evidence that you are avoiding tar and the other 400 chemicals that come in traditional cigarettes. 

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