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First day of school. First day at a new job. Taking a new bus route. Being the new guy, the newbie, the uninitiated, the novice. Is that ever a comfortable feeling? That feeling of being out of your element?

And maybe...maybe that's the feeling you have about switching from traditional smoking to e cigaret/tes. Maybe you just don't know where to start, or who to ask. We get that. We want to help. When starting out in the vapor world--or while trying to explain it to an interested friend or neighbor--a common question is: What do you need to vaporize? What are the e-cig essentials? What basic supplies should you be buying?

This can be overwhelming if you're new to vaping - worrying about how to charge and recharge, the difference between and e-cigarette and a vaporizer, where the liquid get the point. It's a lot to think about, when all you want is to enjoy delicious flavored e liquids (with or without nicotine) and not have to worry so much.

Might we suggest...the eGo-T Starter Kit? Yes, we might! We did. We do. Because really what you need to get started is a basic kit, and we've hand-picked one that we feel has all the essentials, no muss, no fuss. You'll get a battery, clearomizer, USB charger, and even a lovely zipper case, for convenient and portable storage. All you have to do is choose a color--basic black, stainless steel, cherry red, cobalt blue, or simple white.

At $35, it's a reasonable investment, in case you're just dabbling, just trying it out. We welcome vapor newbies! Because we know you'll love vaping as much as we do, and we want to help you every step of the way. That's why we offer more advanced kits and clearomizers, as well. We test all the kits we sell ourselves, poring over the myriad options until we find the best basic, intermediate or advanced kits and parts. We only carry devices that will give you the best possible experience.

It's never easy being the new guy (or girl). So let us help you. Trust our experience, and we trust that you'll come back to us for all your vapor needs. 

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