A Clearomizer by Any Other Name

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So...what's a clearomizer? You may have heard of a cartomizer, and wonder what the difference is, or you may be stlumped as to what any "izer" does, in the first place.

To start, both clearomizers and cartomizers are atomizers. Atomizers, in short, make vapor. Basically, it's another way of saying vaporizer. Even some perfumes and room sprays make use of atomizer technology. A cartomizer is the base part of an e cigarette containing the liquid cartridge and the atomizer. The cartridge can be either an empty and refillable  or pre-filled with e liquid or e juice. The atomizer is the coiled part of the electronic cigarette that uses heat to turn liquid into vapor. It also contains a filament that sucks in the liquid to be heated.

And a clearomizer is, in strictly scientific terms, all that and more awesome. (Did you think we were going to say "all that and a bag of chips"? So we did. But we spared you. Sort of). A clearomizer allows you, the vaper, to watch the entire process of your e liquid of choice being heated, turned into vapor, and then sucked out of your e cig to your flavor awaiting lips and lungs.

There are some other distinctions, such as: clearomizers are generally made from thinner plastic (or glass) and without poly filling. Benefits include:

  • see-through technology means knowing exactly how much e liquid or e juice you have left
  • clearomizers tend to be much bigger than cartomizers, allowing even the most voracious vapers to stock up for days at a time 
  • YOU CAN SEE YOUR VAPOR BEING VAPED AS YOU VAPE IT.  What is cooler than nothing? 
Obviously, we're a bit biased here, which is why all our starter kits and replacement parts make use of clearomizer technology. So while a clearomizer is really not so different than a cartomizer or atomizer...it's definitely the best way to bring all five senses--sight included--into your vaping experience. Call it what you want, it's the way we vape. 

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