Make it Summer Time, All Year Round

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"He's a summa time man, some of hers, some of mine
He's a summa time man, get ya some of the time
He's a summa time man, some of yours, some of mine
He's a summa time man all year 'round"
--Salt N Peppa

Summer ending Oh, September. Such a complicated month! A month of beginnings and endings, of contradictory feelings. A month where we're savoring summer's sweetness, even as we long for the change and newness of Autumn's crisp air and brilliant leaves. September is the confluence of the lazy, hazy days of summer with the determination and go-get-em spirit of a new school year, a new focus. September is when we remember, reluctantly, that there's more to life than block parties, pool days, warm nights and long days.
Perhaps one of the hardest things to say goodbye to as summer wanes is the fruit. Ripe, fresh, juicy fruit that you simply can't equal during winter's cold climate. From late the bright berries of June to July's refreshing slices of watermelon, to September's smooth roll into October's soft peaches...there's nothing like fall-time fruit.
While we appreciate the magic and ephemera of seasons as they come and go, we also believe in choice. The choice to vape or to smoke, the choice of nicotine level in your e liquids, and the choice of flavor, whatever the season. That's why we've created the most mouth-watering fruity flavors imaginable, so you can enjoy fresh fruit flavor all year round.
We've got berry brightness covered with Blueberry Cream--sweet berries and rich cream combine for a smooth and sugary vape. Or try our Juicy Watermelon--an all-American explosion of summer refreshment, guaranteed to be seedless and satisfying. Or why not celebrate September in all it's late-summer glory with Georgia Peach, a sultry sweet-yet-tangy e liquid that's fresh and full of flavor.
So we say adieu to Summer time, but we take the bite out of our bittersweet goodbye, keeping all of the flavor, right at our fingertips, all year round.

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