No Smoke, No Fire

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One of the most obvious things that sets e cigarettes apart from traditional smoking tobacco is, well, the smoke. Here in vapor land, there is none! Smokeless cigarettes are, by their very name and nature, smoke-free. But let's unpack that a little more. What does it mean to be smokeless, and what sort of surprising benefits does it offer?

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1 - No Smoke, No Smell

This means: no more stinky clothes, car, office, house. No tell-tale cigarette stink when you come home from a night out with your guys (or girls!), and no stale smokey smell lingering on your fingers. And while our flavors are so mouth wateringly delicious you'd swear you could smell them, they will leave no trace scents on your clothes. Just a beautiful internal aroma with every inhale, for your vaping pleasure, and nothing but vapor and CO2 with every exhale.

2 - Ashes to Ashes, Vapor to Vapor

No need to fill up grimy ashtrays with your cigarette castings. No chance of a gust of wind blowing soot-like ash into your friend's faces. Unlike cigarettes which necessitate disposal of waste from both ends--ashes from the tip and left-over butts--electronic vapor cigarettes don't require any supplies that wouldn't already have on you. When you're done, stick your clearomizer back into your pocket or purse, and don't worry about a thing.

3 - Only You Can Prevent Cigarette Fires

While cigarette-caused fires may seem a rarity, smoking is in fact the leading cause of residential fire death, and cigarette lighters cause an estimated 100,000 U.S. child-playing fires per year (according to the National Institutes of Health). In other words, where there's smoking, there's fire.

And where there's vapor? No ashes, odor, or smoke. So stop sending smoke signals and start savoring flavors.

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