Lies Your Teacher Told You

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As we grow up, we grow jaded. Even the most optimistic among us feels the pang of disenchantment as we realize that our parents, teachers and even our peers have mislead us with mythology. From Santa and the Easter Bunny, to the Disney-approved version of Pilgrims and Indians, there are so many lies and half-truths we're made to swallow as children. Fortunately, most of these false histories rectify themselves while we're still young and idealistic.

But did you know...that the Tongue Map and Flavor Zones we learned about in our youths are a hoax?! True. Or, rather, false. We were taught that different parts of our tongues have receptors for different flavors. So, as they said, we experience bitter tastes at the very back of our tongue, sweetness at the tip, and salty and sour flavors along the sides, with a relative taste bud dead zone in the middle. And guess what? Not true!

Though still widely taught in schools, this theory has been long since disproven. Although some parts of the tongue may be able to detect a salty or sweet taste before others, all parts are equally able to convey sensations of all tastes. In short: all taste sensations come from all regions of the tongue.

But don't let this later-life illumination dampen your childlike spirit! This simply means that you can experience our exquisite e liquids and e juices as a fully sensory sensation. So flavors like Swedish Fish or Tropical Punch can be tasted on every inhale with all you've got.

Don't be jaded. Be juicy, with Buy Vapor electronic cigarette supplies. For the kid in you, still willing to believe in magic, and the adult in you that's missing his smoke break. All the fun and enjoyment of cigarettes, none of the hazard or hassle. 

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