A Billion Lives

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Shining a Spotlight on Tobacco Industry and Government Corruption


Slowly, but surely, 'A Billion Lives' is turning public attention towards the unhealthy relationship between the tobacco industry and government agencies. A national movement born out of film-makers’ efforts, called Hands for a Billion Lives, recently gathered thousands of participants in cities across the world. The participants joined hands at exactly 2:22 PM local time to form a human shield and symbolically protect 1 billion lives that are going to be lost in this century due to smoking-related illnesses.


Activists behind the movie warn that the tobacco industry and government agencies have a mutually beneficial agreement and that money often exchanges hands – that’s one of the reasons why new technologies that could benefit smokers and help them quit are marginalized and declared dangerous.


It bears repeating that the FDA’s deeming regulation concerning vaping will seriously affect this entire industry. It’s estimated that potentially million vapers will pick up smoking again and that small businesses in the vaping industry are going to shut down, causing close to 50,000 people to lose their jobs.


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