A Billion Lives Viewing in Utah

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At Brewvies Cinema Pub in Salt Lake City on November 3rd


 One billion lives! That’s the number of lives that are going to be lost this century thanks to the tobacco industry, according to the World Health Organization. This movie exposes organizations, businesses, and governments as co-conspirators in the largest, and the quietest, mass murder case to date!

In the game of Big Bucks such as this one, lives are seemingly inconsequential, even if we are talking about a billion of them. ‘A Billion Lives’ sheds light on current issues in the vaping industry – it's over-regulation, systematic destruction, and demonization by tobacco corporations and in-the-pocket scientists and government agencies.

Right now, all the remaining tickets for this screening have been sold out. UTSFA has sent out tickets to state legislators, representatives, and the media in an effort to draw as much attention to this hot button issue as possible. However, depending on the interest, there is a possibility that other screenings will be organized in the near future, especially since ‘A Billion Lives’ is under consideration for an Oscar nomination. A Facebook event has been created where you can discuss the film and inquire about other possible screening dates.

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