ACSH Trashes So-Called Gateway Theory

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ACSH Trashes So-Called Gateway Theory

We have been hearing a lot about the gateway effect that vaping has on vapers. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s fine - because it is not a real thing! This theory proposes that vaping leads to smoking and that vapers transition to combustible cigarettes at higher rates than non-vapers. It’s so widespread that even US Surgeon General cited it as one of the perils of vaping in his (horribly researched, flawed, and debunked) report a couple of weeks ago.

Well, here’s a newsflash - it doesn’t work that way! American Council on Science and Health has placed the Gateway Theory at number 5 of its top 2016 list of goofy science. This council was founded years ago and promotes science-based facts (and the Gateway Theory is most certainly not a science-based fact).

The ACHS states that: ‘Many who are opposed to e-cigarettes believe that they will serve as a “gateway” to actual cigarettes. This is a bizarre argument, considering that the once widely believed claim that marijuana is a gateway to hard drugs has been debunked. Similar research holds true for e-cigs, as well; there does not appear to be a trend of vapers adopting cigarettes.’

Someone better notify the US Surgeon General about this!

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