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12 Exciting, Fruity Taffy Flavors You Will Love

Burst vape juices are everything their name suggests them to be; a wild explosion of flavors, as delicious as the sugar-coated candy they aim to represent. Let’s be honest - this is not the oldest or the best-known vape juice brand out there. Kilo, Space Jam, and Charlie’s Chalk Dust have it beat in that respect. But, none of those brands are currently making waves as big as Burst E-Liquids. Their dedication to excellence, a painstaking process of creating premium blends, and the fact that thet hold their ear to the ground, listening to what the vapers want, is what puts them on the map.

Burst is based out of Santa Ana, California, which has become a sort of a hub for of vape juice manufacturers - call it vape industry’s Silicon Valley. We’ve come to expect great things (and great flavors) emerging from there and, by God, does Burst deliver. Burst vape juices are created in an ISO 7 pharmaceutical-grade lab, with high-quality ingredients, and that results in delicious, safe-to-vape blends.

All Burst flavors have a unique quality to them - while they are based strongly on a single fruit or a fruit pair, they all have that taffy deliciousness that will delight your taste buds. If you can’t decide what you love more, fruit or taffy, you’re going to love ALL of these flavors!

Burst Flavors Review

Our Burst E-Liquid review will dive deep into each flavor, picking it apart so you know what to expect straight from the first inhale. First thing’s first, though - there are several categories of flavors to choose from here, and those are:

Burst Original - single-flavor juices for vapers who like their vapes uncomplicated, yet delicious. Single-flavor does not mean one fruit flavor, more like a single flavor profile without too many variations between the inhale and the exhale. Included vape juices are:

  • Sher-Burst - a sherbet explosion, complete with strong citrus notes and a mix of delicious, exotic berries.
  • Citrus Burst -  lemons and oranges paired with extreme care, with an overpowering lime finish. This juice is definitely lip smack-worthy.
  • Straw-Burst - strawberry flavors are a truckload a dime. Straw-Burst is different: a delicious mix of ripened strawberries and an exhale full of taffy creaminess.
  • Melon Burst - it starts off with a refreshing taste of melon and quickly morphs into a honeydew flavor bonanza that will delight those searching for mellow juices.
  • Berry Burst - scrumptious berries is the name of the game here. Strawberries, cranberries, and raspberries unite to create a flavor that will stun your taste buds.
  • Mango Burst - the only mango flavor for the true mango lovers. It starts pure mango and finishes pure mango, with just a hint of candy sweetness on the exhale.

Burst Duo- exciting fruit pairings that bring a bit of variety to the table. These flavor pairings are not exotic, but they are masterfully executed and will have you begging for more. If you like to mix things up, you will love these:

  • Apple Watermelon - exactly what apple and watermelon should taste like - no artificial gimmicks! Refreshing and slightly sweet on the exhale - a perfect all-day vape.
  • Peach Raspberry - definitely the one for vapers who have a pronounced sweet tooth. Sweet peach on the inhale, even sweeter raspberry on the exhale - what more could you want?
  • Kiwi Strawberry - a strong contender for an all-day vape. Kiwi Strawberry starts off with a refreshing kiwi flavor and finishes with a sweet juiciness that only fresh strawberries can match.

Burst Blizzard - a touch of menthol makes all the difference in the world! If you like your vapor chilled, Burst Blizzard flavors will be right up your alley. This flavor line takes classic Burst blends and enriches them with a hint of mint and menthol.

  • Melon Brrrst - a delicate combination of honeydew and cantaloupe that’s both juicy and refreshing. A touch of mint throughout gives it an icy cool edge.
  • Straw Brrrst - an explosion of ripe strawberry with a hint of menthol that will turn your breath into pure ice.
  • Berry Brrrst - berries have never tasted better. Berry Brrrst is strong on strawberries, raspberries, and cranberries, but has a minty twist that will delight your taste buds.

All Burst flavors are made with top-notch ingredients and mixed in a certified facility in the US. They come in 60ml chubby gorilla bottles, no exceptions. This might seem a bit much, especially if you’re buying them for the first time, but you will be hard-pressed to find vape juice of this quality at a better price so it’s worth the risk - we guarantee you will fall in love with each flavor profile. Burst vape juices are mixed 80/20 in favor of VG (high VG juices), which means that the vapor production is off the charts. Each blend is available in 0, 3 or 6 mg nicotine strength.


1. Sher Burst

Sher Burst by Burst E-liquid

Get ready for your taste buds to burst with the first puff of this excellent vape juice flavor. That’s right, we’re talking about the Sher-Burst by Burst E-liquids. This vape juice will quench that thirst for sweets you’re having in a matter of seconds. Just one puff and you’ll experience a true flavor roller coaster ride happening right there at the tip of your tongue. If you’re a fan of sherbet, you definitely want to give this one a try!

Sher-Burst has a conspicuously sherbet-y taste to it - well, the name wouldn’t make much sense otherwise, would it? The inhale is strong on lemon at first - bright citrusy notes that will refresh your palate in an instant. However, the deliciousness doesn’t stop there. Sher-Burst continues with a mix of berries and other fruit, competing to see which one can truly dazzle your taste buds. The overall sweetness of this vape juice is of the taffy variety so if you’re into taffy candy with just a touch of buttery creaminess on the exhale, you’re in for a treat!

2. Citrus Burst

Citrus Burst Burst E-liquid

Burst E-liquids Sher-Burst vape juice touched upon the citrus flavor profile and explored pairing it with delicious sherbet. However, it was more focused on sweet berries, losing that citrusy edge in the process. Well, that mistake has definitely been rectified with their Citrus-Burst vape juice. One puff on this one and you’ll know what a citrus explosion in your mouth feels like. If you’re a frozen dessert lover and you’re partial to zesty citrus flavors, we have a bottle of Citrus-Burst by Burst E-liquids with your name on it!

The Citrus-Burst is a vape juice that packs a punch - sweet and juicy but with an acidic bite that will leave your taste buds refreshed and tingling. The inhale is a mix between sweet oranges and tangy lemons, both coated in creamy taffy candy. The exhale brings lime more into focus - a clearer and brighter flavor, the lime has a more pronounced zesty taste to it that’s almost overwhelming. Almost, but not quite!

3. Straw Burst

Straw Burst Burst E-liquid

In a sea of delicious and sweet strawberry vape flavors, one sticks out nonetheless. Of course, we’re talking about the Straw-Burst by Burst E-liquids. Truly an otherworldly vape juice, Straw-Burst brings with it the taste of ripe, juicy strawberries enveloped in taffy creaminess. If you have a sweet tooth you need to nurture, pick up a bottle - it will get the job done in an instant!

This vape juice is all about strawberry - rich, sweet, taffy-covered strawberry. Think of it as a mix between strawberry Starburst and pink Starburst candy, just better. The flavor starts off gently on the inhale, although it is more creamy than you would expect. It ripens as it travels through your mouth and on the exhale you’re left with a bright, sweet flavor that lingers a bit. Straw-burst has a very light throat hit and produces quite a bit of vapor, as well.


4. Berry Burst

Berry Burst by Burst E-liquid


After Sher-Burst, Citrus-Burst, and Straw-Burst, we’re delighted to introduce Berry-Burst, a completely new flavor from Burst E-Liquids. This vape juice is a berry extravaganza - if you can’t get enough of all the berries out there, you’re in for a treat. Berry-Burst by Burst E-Liquids gives you the same feeling on every puff as if you just stuffed your face full of berries and started chewing away.

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact flavor profile of the Berry-Burst except to say that it’s berrylicious! There’s so much going on right from the inhale - a mix of strawberry, cranberry, and raspberry immediately assaults your taste buds and you’re in berry heaven. The overall flavor is that of sweet, fruity candy - more like the chewy candy variety, not gummy. It’s by no means overly sweet and this vape juice strikes a very delicate balance between fruity and sweet. The exhale brings just a touch of citrus that helps cleanse your palate and prepare it for the next hit of deliciousness.


5. Melon Burst

Melon Burst by Burst E-liquids


We didn’t have to wait long to get another stellar juice entry into one of our most beloved vape juice lines. We’re big melon flavor fans here at BuyVapor so we were a bit worried about this one - good melon is devilishly difficult to mix and we’ve only tried a handful of great melon vape juices so far. Well, our fears were unfounded and we’re happy to announce that this vape juice lives up to our expectations. 


Like all other melon-flavored vape juices, Melon-Burst starts off with a pretty subdued flavor - there are no fireworks here. It’s slightly sweet and very refreshing on the inhale and starts off with a watermelon taste. Mid-inhale you will start to notice cantaloupe coming more into focus, with is ripe, almost candy-like taste. To finish it off, you’re left with a sweet, but intoxicating taste of delicious honeydew dancing on your taste buds during the exhale.

6. Mango Burst

Mango Burst by Burst E-liquids

Believe it or not, there are dozens of different mango vape juice flavors out there. Not brands making mango flavors, but actual different flavors. An exotic fruit like this has a ton of different varieties, each one with its distinct flavor. One thing is certain, though - if you like your sweet vapes exotic, you can’t go wrong with Mango Burst.

Burst’s mango is very much like that big orange ball that you find in most local supermarkets, just way better. The flavor is wet and juicy, and you can almost feel those succulent mango juices dripping down your chin as you inhale. Unlike other mango flavors, this one has just a touch of tartness that starts to develop mid-way through the inhale - almost as if it has a drop of lemon added to it. The exhale is still strong on the mango flavor, although slightly sweeter, courtesy of its taffy, candy-like finish. This is a great flavor for everyone with a pronounced sweet tooth and a wicked craving for mango. Even if you’re not a mango fan, give this one a try - you might just become one!

7. Apple Watermelon

Apple Watermelon Burst Duo

Apple Watermelon from Burst has a slightly more unorthodox flavor profile. It takes to fairly regular vape juice flavors and mixes them together to create something deliciously (and deceptively) simple. If you’re a fan of watermelon, but want a bit of a sweet punch to it, it’s worth looking into.

The inhale on the Apple Watermelon is pure apple - ripe, juicy, and with just a bit of tartness to round the flavor. It’s sweet but not overly so, and it has a touch of creaminess to it - almost like a real, floury apple you’ve picked from a tree. The exhale leans more to the watermelon side of the things - it’s slightly watery, with a refreshing aftertaste that cleanses the palate of that heavy apple flavor. Somewhere in the middle of the inhale, both apple and watermelon flavors mix together to create a fruit salad explosion in your mouth! This is not the sweetest juice in the Burst collection, but it does come with that candy sugar coating throughout. If you’re a fan of candy fruit flavors, you might be looking at your ADV right here.

8. Peach Raspberry

Peach Raspberry Burst Duo

If you’re looking for a vape equivalent of Peach Margarita, look no further. Burst’s Peach Raspberry is a cocktail in a tank, with raspberry giving that extra delicious twist during the exhale. Pour it onto your cotton, take a quick puff, and you will feel as if your feet are firmly planted into wet sand, while the tropical Sun rays caress your skin.

The inhale on the Peach Raspberry is pure, unadulterated peach - juicy, fresh, and sweet as can be. If you’ve ever tried peach flavored Top Pops, you will know exactly what kind of candy sweetness we’re talking about. On the exhale, the raspberry flavor becomes more noticeable. It’s slightly less sweet at this point, but it comes with just a hint of acidity that is common to all berry flavors.

9. Kiwi Strawberry

Kiwi Strawberry Burst Duo

Kiwi and strawberry flavor mix is a definite family favorite, whether we’re talking about cakes or ice cream. Vape juice companies quickly picked that one up, and we’re now getting a ton of these. Burst decided to follow suit, but also added a little twist of their own. In most kiwi strawberry flavor mixes, the strawberry is prominent, while the kiwi takes a back seat. With Burst’s Kiwi Strawberry, things got turned around and the result is mouth-watering!

The inhale starts with refreshingly sweet kiwi - not overpowering sweetness, but just the right amount to get you started. The kiwi flavor is bang on - the first thing that you will notice is that is true to the fruit and has a very juicy feel. After that, things segway a bit into the strawberry. The exhale is a lot sweeter, with a decadent candy strawberry finish that leaves you wanting yet another puff. If you’re looking for something that will pacify your sweet tooth without feeling artificial, this is a combination that you have to try.

10. Melon Brrrst

Melon Brrrst Burst

We’ve already told you just how delicious the original Melon Burst is - a refreshing combination of cantaloupe and honeydew that will leave your mouth watering. Melon Brrrst is all that and more. From the first inhale, you will get that minty iciness that underscores the flavor throughout. It gives the juice more punchy note and cleanses the palate in between puffs so you’re fresh and ready for another inhale in a matter of seconds!

11. Berry Brrrst

Berry Burrrst Burst

If you’re more into all kinds of berries but are reluctant to give up your menthols, Berry Brrrst is the way to go. The hard candy sweetness of strawberries, raspberries, and cranberries is only amplified with the slight menthol tickle that you get on your tongue after every inhale. The menthol here is not overdone - it’s just the right amount that will give the flavor another dimension without messing about with everything you love about the Berry Burst flavor.

12. Straw Brrrst

Straw Brrrst Burst Blizzard

Strawberries are the best, right? There’s nothing that can beat them - well, except strawberries laced with cool, refreshing menthol. Straw Brrrst offers a respite from your run-of-the-mill strawberry flavors by packing an extra icy punch. The menthol is noticeable right from the inhale, but it’s not overpowering and doesn’t mess with the sweetness of the fruit. If you want to add a bit of variety to your mix of fruit flavors, this vape juice has your name all over the bottle.

We hope that our detailed Burst E-Liquid review has helped you hone down on your favorite vape juices from this manufacturer. If it just created more confusion and you now want to try all of them, that’s perfectly fine. Order your 60ml bottles at the best price right here on BuyVapor and experience the delicious world of Burst in a matter of days (courtesy of our extra fast shipping)!

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