Are You Part of the Zero Percent?

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Vaping is NOT just for nicotine lovers

It may sound crazy, but there are plenty of reasons why someone might still enjoy the vapor experience, sans cigarettes and no nicotine. Here are some reasons to try our 0% nicotine e juices.

1 - Choosing Your Tobacco and/or Nicotine Levels

What if you want to be able to simply limit the number of standard cigarettes each day, or reduce your nicotine intake? We're not here to tell you what to do. If you want to smoke, smoke. If you want nicotine, we stand by our e liquids. But we also offer delicious, smoke-free, nicotine free e juices, which can be just as satisfactory, in their own way. It's about choice. It's about you choosing your level of pleasure and level of nicotine.

2 - Keeping the Sensation

Some folks, for myriad and often personal reasons, choose a life sans nicotine or cigarettes. To quote Britney Spears: that's their prerogative. But they still like the sensation of smoking. At first, that may seem complicated--how can you enjoy the sensation of smoking, but not want to smoke? But just think about it. Should non-drinkers be

relegated to water at every party? No! Boring! They deserve their virgin margaritas and Shirley Temples, and former- or non-smokers deserve to enjoy the sensation of smoking without the smoke or nicotine. We should note, however, that nicotine-free e juices tend to have a substantially reduced throat hit. So if you like that jolt behind your jugular, try our Wintergreen 0% E Juice. The real feel of smoking, and nothing else. 

3 - Social Experience

Of course smoking is a social experience. Of course. That's why bars have patios and courtyards, and why those outdoor areas are packed with people--especially in the summer. If all your friends go out for a smoke, you're not going to wait inside silent and sullen. Join them! In fact, why don't you one-up their ashy antics with smoke-free e juices in delicious flavors like Swedish Fish or Juicy Watermelon.

Bottom line: Zero percent is 100% important to us. Whatever your nicotine or flavor needs, we have an array of American-made e liquids and e juices just for you. 

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