Bake Sale Vape Juice Line

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by Charlie’s Chalk Dust

That’s right, Charlie’s back!


If you’ve been waiting for some new flavors by Charlie’s Chalk Dust, this Bake Sale vape juice collection might have slipped under your radar. Now, we all know that Charlie and his team of expert mixologists are responsible for some of the world’s best and tastiest vape juices, there’s no question about that. Their vapes have been collecting awards on vape shows and expos for years now - from Wonder Worm and Big Belly Jelly all the way to the exquisite Pacha Mama collection.


Now it’s time to add a completely new vape juice line to the mix - Charlie’s Chalk Dust Bake Sale collection. This collection focuses on dessert flavors - cakes, creams, muffins and that baked goodness that we all love to bits. At this point, there are only two flavors in the collection; Yellow Butter Cake and Purple Wedding Cake. However, they herald what we expect to be a very unique vape juice line with a lot of delicious additions down the line.


Both Yellow Butter Cake and Purple Wedding Cake vape juices are available in 60mL bottles and in nicotine strengths of 0, 3, and 6 milligrams - more than enough for when you’re craving a nicotine hit. They are also 70/30 VG/PG blends, which means that the flavor stays consistent throughout your vape session and vapor production is off the charts!


Looking for a delicious dessert but can’t allow yourself the calories? Check out these two Bake Sale collection vape juices, they are more than a match for your sweet tooth.


  • Yellow Cake by Bake Sale Yellow Butter Cake - The first thing you pick up on with this vape juice is the pineapple. Rich, sweet pineapple taste that comes on strong on the inhale is somewhat tempered by the creamy pound cake flavor that immediately follows. It’s almost like biting into a juicy pineapple pound cake. The exhale is stronger on vanilla - not any vanilla, vanilla extract that brings this vape juice to a whole new level and adds a depth to it that you didn’t anticipate during the inhale. To wrap things up, you’ll get a buttery pancake taste in the background that ties all the flavors together, making this one complex (but delicious) vape juice.

  • Purple Wedding Cake Bake SalePurple Wedding Cake - Who doesn’t love a purple wedding cake? If you’re a fan, then this vape juice is exactly what you were waiting for - perfectly balanced flavors with a delicious smell and an even better taste. Bake Sale’s Purple Wedding Cake starts off strongly with a taste of cake - light, sponge cake that doesn’t overpower the taste buds. There’s a definite underlying current of vanilla and cream to the inhale. The exhale is a totally different story. It features a strong raspberry flavor that lingers a bit on the tongue and perfectly rounds out the whole story.

    Get your fill of dessert vape juice flavors on BuyVapor. Order Bake Sale collection by Charlie’s Chalk Dust right now and have it delivered to your doorstep faster than you can say ‘Purple Wedding Cake’!

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