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A Beard We Love to Have Up Close and Personal

Quite frankly, there are too many beards wandering the streets these days. Short beards, long beards, and stubbles – long stubbles, medium stubbles, and the ever-elusive short stubbles – and it doesn’t end there. Think about all the Van Dykes, goatees, Balboes, Verdies, Bandholts. See, we bet you have no idea what half of these beards look like. Still, they are everywhere.

Beards should be clean and kept on a leash…all but one! The only beard we’d tolerate in a close proximity to our own is the beard that makes a bunch of delicious vaping juices – that beard’s name is Beard Vape Co! Started in the back of a local vape shop in Venice, California, Beard Vape Co. has been dishing out great vape juices since March 2014.

Beard Vape Co FoundersBrothers Brady Bates and Casey Bates, and their good friend Colbey Pfund, have been vaping and working with vaping gear for years. It’s no surprise that one day they woke up and decided to leave their own mark on the industry. They’ve figured – who better to produce vaping juice than people who are passionate vapers themselves!

We couldn’t agree more!

Beard Vape Co. got named in a brainstorming session right after the gang decided on their first three original flavors. Here’s what happened. Bates brothers and Pfund knew they had to take this whole flavor mixing business to the next level. They decided to mix exactly one hundred different flavors and they’ve put them all up for testing in their vape shop. After months of collecting feedback from their customers, they were finally ready to roll out their first three flavors.

These were:

  • No.05 – mouthwatering cheesecake with just a hint of strawberry. You can now have as much as you want without feeling guilty…or putting on weight!

  • No.32 – batch #1 favorite, this wonderful cinnamon-flavored vape juice will have your taste buds doing somersaults and begging for more.

  • No.88 – chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate – with just a hint of mint thrown in for laughs. We’re mentioning No.88 because it was one of the first, but sadly, this flavor has been discontinued recently.

The names stuck so even after Beard Vape Co. started producing these flavors for general public, they hung on to their initial numbers by which they became popular. Names of these juices tell you nothing and you have to go searching for their hiding meaning – we’ll admit, it’s actually more fun that way!

Beard Vape Co. didn’t stop there – they came up with several other e juices that quickly became popular with vapers, such as:

  • No.24 –salted caramel malt became an instant hit with vapers around the world – this salty-sweet ride was made to take your senses on a wild ride!

  • No.64 – if you’re looking for a unique blend, this pairing of raspberry and hibiscus is sure to tickle your fancy and delight your taste buds.

(Click Here to View All Beard Flavors)


Beard Vape Co. offers a lot of variety to their customers. Some of their vape juices are mixed 60/40 PG/VG while others are so low in PG that you can barely detect it (No.51 is a 15/85 PG/VG e juice – and it tastes great). Also, all of their vape juices can be purchased in different nicotine concentrations, from 0-mg nicotine to 12-mg nicotine. These flavors are all available in two sizes: 30ml and 60ml.

If you’re itching to get some beard juice delivered your way, check out our Beard Vape Co. juice page on BuyVapor! We’re constantly ordering more but the inventory is always thin – that’s how much people love this brand of e juices! Caution ladies – vaping Beard Vape Co. juices might put some hair on your chest.

Nah, we’re just kidding – vape on!

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