Best Fruit Vape Juice Spring 2017

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Best Fruit Vape Juice Spring 2017

Let’s be honest - there’s an over-inflation of fruit flavored vape juices on the market. It’s no surprise, really. Every vaper wants to puff on something that tastes exactly like their favorite fruit mix and vape juice manufacturers get that. However, we now live in a world where it’s almost impossible to choose a best fruit vape juice!

Ask anyone around you who vapes to list their best fruit flavored vape and it’s going to be difficult to get two same answers. Heck, even you yourself are conflicted at times - and so are we here at BuyVapor! One day it’s this brand and this flavor and tomorrow it’s something completely different.

That’s why it’s always so difficult to try something new - you don’t know where to start and who to believe. We know that there’s no discussing taste. What’s good for us here at BuyVapor doesn’t have to be good for everyone else. However, we went ahead anyway and created a list of best fruit vape juices. All our personal favorites are on here but, surprisingly, some of our bestsellers also made it to the list. Just goes to show that when something is truly great, people recognize it. So trust us, these flavors are not something you want to miss out on!

BuyVapor’s 5 Best Fruit Vape Juices

Fruit Whip by Kilo Liquids

Fruit Whip 30mL Fruit Whip is here because we really wanted to start this list off with a bang. There’s no better way to do that than with a vape juice that’s such an eclectic mix of fruits that it’s sometimes really difficult to make out what you’re vaping. You’ve got your berries, your apples, your pears and a hint of tropical fruits thrown in for a good measure. It all synergizes pretty well so if you can’t decide which fruit flavor is your favorite, give Fruit Whip by Kilo Liquids a try!

Astro by Space Jam Juice

Astro 30mL A great fruity-flavored vape juice that you can vape straight out of the bottle! Space Jam’s Astro is an unforgettable combination of Granny Smith apples and strawberry. The flavor doesn’t stop there. Astro’s exhale brings in an exciting note of juicy peach. If you’ve ever wondered how a bowl of fruit would taste if you had a chance to vape it, Astro is a pretty good approximation - a well-balanced vape juice that’s both fruity and crisp at the same time. Also available as Astro High VG here.



Lava Flow by Naked 100

Lava Flow 60mL For a feeling of tropical vacation happening right in your mouth, Naked 100’s Lava Flow is a perfect choice. This relatively new vape juice manufacturer has managed to take the vaping world by storm and makes some of the best fruit vape juice mixes on the market. Their Lava Flow is an exciting (and tasty) mix of strawberries, pineapple, and coconut. Close your eyes, take a puff, and you can almost feel that wet, warm sand gathering around your toes!

Davey Jones Locker by Holdfast Vapors  

Davey Jones Locker 30mL Continuing in the same vein as Lava Flow vape juice is a flavor that old-school vapers know very well - Holdfast Vapor’s Davey Jones Locker. Another tropical mix that’s going to electrify your taste buds and make you want an extended vacation ASAP! Davey Jones Locker balances the strong flavors of pineapple and mango with various berries that will make your mouth water!

The Shocker by Cosmic Fog Vapors

When three different flavors just won’t cut it, it’s time to mix things up! Cosmic Fog’s The Shocker is a delicate blend of apple, mango, strawberry, and lemon (that’s four!) that will have your taste buds buzzing! Juicy sweet inhale with an exhale that brings a touch of zestiness, putting your olfactory and taste senses in overdrive and keeping you coming back for more, over and over!

Bettie White by Uncle Junk’s Genius Juice

30mL Bettie White Bettie White is one classy lady and Uncle Junk’s vape juice that was named in her honor really does her justice. It’s a simple yet exquisitely executed blend that’s not only sweet but it’s very refreshing. Pomegranate and candied apple have never tasted better than with this vape juice. This is definitely one of those vape juices that never get old - much like Betty White herself!

There you have them - some the juiciest and the fruitiest vape juices we have to offer. Make sure to check out our other e liquids as well because not everything made it to this best fruit vape list. However, these top picks should satisfy your craving for fruits and hush your sweet tooth, at least for a little while!

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