Bird Brains by Cuttwood

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At one point or another, we all forget the simple joys of childhood – that carefree outlook on life, constant itching for sweets and sugar rushes, and our overwhelming love for our favorite bowl of cereals. Cuttwood’s Bird Brain vape juice is here to remind us of everything that we didn’t even know we were missing!

Bird Brains by CuttwoodCuttwood’s flavor wizards have been working their magic on this one, that’s for sure. Bird Brains come really close in flavor to one of the most popular cereals out there, the one and only Froot Loops! It’s simply a mouthful of sweet and cream deliciousness that instantly puts a smile on your face. For a moment it allows you to travel back in time to a place where you were happier – and considerably smaller!

Bird Brains is a cereal vape juice with a twist. Not overly sweet or creamy, it hits that sweet spot right on the, well, spot, providing vapers with a perfect all day vape with more than plenty vapor production and taste. If you’re into subtly sweet dessert and cereal ejuices, Cuttwood’s Bird Brains will quickly become your all-time favorite!

This 70/30 PG/VG blend is available in 30, 60, and 120mL bottles so you can have your pick – however, once you taste it you will definitely be getting the largest one! One it comes to nicotine, you can decide between 0, 1.5, 3, 6 12, and 18-milligram nicotine blends.

Get your fill of this creamy deliciousness right here on BuyVapor! Don’t drag your feet, though. Bird Brains are so popular that they are flying off the shelves. It’s almost like those bottles have wings!

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