BuyVapor – A Proud Member of National Vaping Associations

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BuyVapor – A Proud Member of National Vaping Associations

As you’re all undoubtedly already aware, the vaping industry has been under attacks for months, if not years, now. We at BuyVapor were always aware that a certain amount animosity could be expected from the tobacco industry – after all, we’re all cutting into their profit margin. What we didn’t expect is that we, the industry as a whole, will be subjected to indiscriminate attacks by government agencies and legislative bodies in every single state in the United States!


Earlier this year, the FDA pretty much declared war on vaping. Under the guise of caring for children and protecting them from harmful influences from the vaping industry, the agency has launched a carefully crafted attack on manufacturers in the vaping industry. Ever since that happened, we’ve been on the forefront of that nasty attack. We have worked around the clock to educate people about the benefits of vaping. Sadly, we’re no longer able to claim that vaping is an effective smoking cessation tool (under FDA deeming regulation we would be breaking the law if we did that, so we won’t) but we invite all of you to do some digging on the Internet and find relevant studies that respected scientist conducted to draw your own conclusions.

What Are UTSFA and VTA?

However, all of this is an uphill battle. Don’t get us wrong – it’s a battle we’re glad to fight but we definitely can’t do it alone. That is why we’ve joined forces with several associations that are able to take our fight to the national level.


USFAThe first one of them is UTSFA – Utah Smoke-Free Association. UTSFA was formed in 2014 with a goal to ‘bring excellence in retail practices and manufacturing’. In layman’s terms, UTSFA was created by retailers and manufacturers to establish a minimum set of guidelines that every vaping business should adhere in order for the consumers to remain protected. In light of recent events, UTSFA expanded its area work and now does its very best to educate Utah public – legislators and healthcare professionals in particular – on how vaping contributes to Tobacco Harm Reduction. UTSFA is a non-profit association comprised of retailers, manufacturers, consumers, and supporters that don’t seek to lobby for change in any other way than demystifying vaping and all of its benefits.


VTABuyVapor is also a member of the VTA – Vapor Technology Association – through our membership in the UTSFA. The VTA is a national organization that aims to preserve small businesses and job growth, both of which are now severely jeopardized thanks to FDA’s deeming regulations. The VTA is comprised of hundreds of local and state associations, as well as large domestic and international businesses, all with one overarching goal – minimize over-regulation of the vaping industry and protect small business owners and consumers from detrimental regulations that are being pushed by the tobacco industry and Big Pharma. The VTA is currently working on getting the Cole-Bishop Amendment through the Congress. This amendment would bring regulation to acceptable levels and allow thousands of small businesses to stay operational.

We are not alone in this fight – BuyVapor and all of us in the vaping industry are a part of a much bigger truth that will eventually overcome. You as consumers can help us –support small businesses in the vaping industry and support your local and state vaping associations. Together we can make a difference!

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