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Our Commitment to Reusing and Recycling


The title of this post might as well have been ‘How Our Industry is Saving Planet Earth’ but – feel free to call us selfish – we decided to focus on how we’re contributing to the good fight. However, before we move on to that, here’s some information that will put everything else into perspective.

Who’s Polluting This Planet? – It’s Not Us

Hands up if you stopped smoking because you were concerned about the environment – come on, show of hands?! What? No one? Really? Or maybe it’s just one person in a crowd of hundred? This is no surprise – we all mostly do things that concern us directly. Smoking was damaging your health so you decided to quit and switch to vaping.


There’s no shame in that.


But why this particular question? What do you think?


Here’s why; the tobacco industry is one of the largest polluters in the world! This industry, along with people who smoke, is causing irreversible damage to this planet.


  • Every year, 4.5 trillion cigarette butts are disposed of. Close to half of them end up in fields, forests, oceans, lakes, and rivers.
  • 600 million trees are disposed of every year to make way for new tobacco fields.
  • For every 15 packs of cigarettes, one tree was chopped down.
  • Close to 4 square miles of paper are used every hour for wrapping and packaging cigarettes.


Were you aware of this? Sadly, there are a lot of people who underestimate the detrimental impact that the tobacco industry has on our planet. If you want to learn more, check out this post about tobacco and the environment.

How We at BuyVapor Are Doing Our Part for the Environment


Recycle BoxesFirst of all, we’re doing it by providing people with an alternative to smoking. The entire industry is based on that – reducing the number of people who smoke will reduce the damage the tobacco industry is doing to the environment.


The whole point is to put as much distance between us and ‘them’ as it’s humanly possible. Well, the team at BuyVapor is made up of exclusively vapers so we check the ‘reduce the number of smokers’ box pretty efficiently. Also, we try to do as much as we can when it comes to reusing and recycling materials.


We’re a large distributor and a retailer so it stands to reason that we get a ton of boxes and other packaging materials every single day. There are times when our warehouse looks like a cardboard manufacturing plant – paper, cardboard, Styrofoam, and bubble wrap as far as the eye can see.


And that’s only from our inventory! Of course, we do a lot of packaging ourselves, as well. Now, what we could do is unpack our orders, clear the warehouse, and order neat, new boxes – complete with hundreds of yards of packing paper, bubble wrap, and everything else – but we don’t. Everything we get, we carefully unwrap, paying utmost attention not to damage the packaging.




Because we reuse it! Hopefully, one day, we will be able to reuse a 100% of our packaging material, but we’re not there yet. Boxes get damaged or lose integrity so we have to replace them sometimes. On the other hand, what we can reuse, we always recycle.


We’re doing it because we care, not because we’re cheap. There’s slight cost saving involved but that is purely accidental. Trust us, saving $87.55 per month on the packaging isn’t that much of an incentive, especially when we spend hours on unpacking shipments so we could reuse the packaging – it would be easier to kiss that saving goodbye and order a truck of new boxes every so often.


We don’t do it and we don’t mind working a bit longer if it’s going to save a tree or two. We know we can’t do much by ourselves and that is why we encourage all of our suppliers and business partners to do the same. Together we can make a difference! We also encourage you to give it all you’ve got. You’re already doing plenty by not supporting an industry that is ruining people’s lives and this planet we live on but if you could give it another inch that would be great!


Recycle and Vape On!

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