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A Premium Vape Shop is Now Serving Salt Lake City West Side Suburbs

Smoke ShopBravo's, Cuaba's, Maxum's, Ramon Allones'...and the list just goes on and on. Thousands of individual cigars and cigarettes were staring at us as we walk into that Taylorsville smoke-shop. All lined up in their aisles, packaged as if they were little dressed up soldiers of death. Hookahs of varying sizes hung from the ceiling. Little hookahs, large hookahs, multi-colored rainbow hookahs – they looked like overgrown versions of bubble-making machines.

We knew right there on the spot that we wanted to take this smoke-shop under our wingSmoke Shop Inside and make something more of it, make something better. We wanted a physical location to get a Tobacco Retail License and help serve the Utah market. The state has demonstrated their opposition  towards the vape industry with lack of consideration to public health, we can all thank Utah Rep. Paul Ray and his ridiculous claims that the vaping industry is in cahoots with the tobacco industry.

How BuyVapor Came to Be started in 2013 as a labor of love. All of us working here are passionate vapers and we wanted to open a business that was going to sell premium vaping merchandise to vapers around the world. We’re not sure if we would have done it had we known about the intentions of the government to stomp out all competition to their largest campaign contributors, the tobacco industry and Big Pharma.

However, we’re here now and we’re not going down without a fight.

Thanks to the interest and overwhelming support of the local vaping community we’ve decided to open up a brick and mortar shop that will allow us to stay in business despite the all-out war the FDA and the government are waging against the vaping industry.

Getting All Physical On Their Ass

Taylorsville and the surrounding suburbs are drowning in smoke shops. A simple Google search will identify over 20 different smoke shops in the area. On the other hand, there are only about four vape shops in the greater Taylorsville area carrying premium vaping products and serving the community.

And that’s including BuyVapor Taylorsville brick and mortar shop!

We’re extremely happy that we’re doing our part in this fight and helping thousands of people have the choice to choose vape products over cigarettes. We’re proud to take more combustible cigarette products off the shelves in our community.

If we believe the science, every cigarette or cigar shortens a smoker’s life by at least five minutes. We at BuyVapor are over the moon because our decision to move in and replace a smoke shop buys people time – 5 minutes of it every time they decide to vape instead of smoking. Five by five – those minutes eventually add up.

In our next post, we’ll tell you a bit more about BuyVapor Taylorsville – construction, layout, and the entire makeover that the place went through to become what it is today. Stayed tuned and share photos of your visits on our Facebook page!

Vape on!

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