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Grand Opening Party


After weeks of work – painting, redecorating, and making sure we had all the permits and what not – we were finally ready for our Taylorsville vape shop to open its doors! Boy, were we excited! We had a soft launch mid-July because we wanted to test-drive everything and spread the word but the real party was scheduled for July 30th.


First of all, we want to thank everyone who helped us out during our refurbishment and redecorating efforts. Our goal was to have everything pretty much perfect for the grand opening party and we feel we’ve gotten as close to that as possible. Of course, some minor details will be polished up in the future and we’re also open to (and excited to hear) feedback from our customers. So thank you JD, Johnson, Jojo and Austin for stepping up and pulling together to make this happen sooner rather than later – we do make an awesome team! A big thank you also goes out to our contractor, JD, for really coming through for us. The last (and the biggest!) thank you goes out to our regular customers, especially those who visited the shop since the opening. All of this would have been for nothing without you. We’d also like to mention Utah Smoke-Free Association, a vaping advocacy group that we support whose members were there to support us. That’s what community is all about – thank you!


That’s what July 30th was all about, frankly - making sure that we can thank everyone who stopped by in person. So let’s get back to that Grand Opening party!

BuyVapor Is All About the Community – and Cool Opening Day Grand Prizes!


BuyVapor Taylorsville Grand OpeningWe really wanted to get as many people into the store as possible so we made sure to take out radio advertisements a couple of days prior to the event. KBER Radio and The Vibe Radio station we’re really helpful in that respect and they even agreed to join us at the party – what can we say, word got around that we give awesome parties!


It’s true, just ask anyone who attended. We pulled all the stops and made sure that everyone gets something for their trip other than a cool new vape shop in their Taylorsville area (even though that’s a huge deal the local vaping community). Now, be honest – is there anything better than getting free stuff when all you have to do is show up?


Our raffle prizes were a major hit with visitors. They were handed out every 30 minutes and were exactly what every vaper needs – BuyVapor Loyalty dollars and $25 of them at that! Lucky winners got to walk out with gear and vape juices of their choice. Also, anyone who made a purchase that day got to take home a free starter kit!


A lot of people won big that day and we congratulate them on that. However, we would feel remiss if we didn’t mention Tony S. Tony got to walk out from BuyVapor Taylorsville shop with the Grand Prize and it was really something – Limitless Box Mod complete with an RDA, two 30mL vape juice bottles of choice, a battery, and Charlie’s T-shirt. The total value of this grand prize exceeded $300.00 and was kindly provided by Charlie Chalk Dust (tips hat to Charlie)!


Of course, we had to make sure that everyone was fed and hydrated as we couldn’t have people collapsing around us from sheer excitement so free Tacos and drinks were available at the store. Also, we wanted everyone to have fun on their first visit – Corn Hole, various arcade games, Prize Wheel, and Frisbees flying around, it was all there. Hey, not everyone can talk about vaping all day long like we can and that’s fine!


Our Grand Opening day was the one to remember and if you were a part of it, we thank you. If you weren’t, well, there is still plenty of time to come visit us. BuyVapor Taylorsville is open every day from 10AM to 9PM – 12AM to 5PM on Sundays. We can’t promise anything but there might be a Taco in it for you when you decide to show up!

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