California Vape Businesses to Suffer

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Yet Another Cost of Doing Business


Vape businesses in California will be mandated to obtain a Cigarette and Tobacco Products Retailer’s License as from January 2017. While the cost isn’t exorbitant, it will still set back owners by $265 for a 12-month period and is a direct result of Proposition 56 passing earlier this month. The license will have to be renewed yearly.


Every vendor carrying vape juices or selling vape equipment will have to obtain it or risk misdemeanor citation and confiscation of inventory. This will also apply to stores carrying components, such as atomizers, tanks, and spare parts. We strongly suggest you get your license beforehand so you don’t risk losing your inventory.


The license can be obtained online on California State Board of Equalization website. After registering, you will be guided through the process of submitting for a permit that you require.


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