Canadians Exploring the Efficiency of E-cigarettes as an NRT

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Canadians Exploring the Efficiency of E-cigarettes as an NRT

While the US administration and Surgeon General are doing their best to portray e-cigs as deadly cousins to analog cigarettes, Canadian researchers are starting to look how they can be used in cessation efforts.

Dr. Mark Eisenberg and his team from the Lady Davis Institute at the Jewish General Hospital are looking for 500 motivated individuals over the age of 18 who have been smoking for over a year to participate in the research.  They will be split into three groups – one group will use e-cigarettes with nicotine and counseling, the other group will be giving e-cigarettes without nicotine and counseling, and the third group will only get individual counseling.

The trial will last for 12 weeks and Dr. Eisenberg hopes that this will provide his team with more knowledge about whether or not e-cigarettes are a viable cessation tool.

Efforts such as this one are important because they will hopefully help the vaping industry build a solid case in favor of e-cigarettes as an NRT and convince the legislators all over the world to give this life-saving industry a chance.

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