Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

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Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in One of These 4 US Cities

St. Patrick, contrary to popular belief, was not Irish at all! He was a Briton kidnapped by pirates and brought to Ireland. After escaping back to Britain, he became a missionary and decided to return to Ireland - presumably because of Guinness, why else!

Similarly, St. Patrick’s Day did not originate in the adopted country of the saint. The parades, as we know them today, started in the good ol’ US of A and were organized by Irish immigrants. That’s why, to this day, the best St. Patrick’s Day parades are those held in major US cities.

If you’re itching for a good St. Paddy's celebration, here are the 4 places to be! Make sure to pack your vaping gear and don’t forget your favorite Space Jam vape juice - their tinted green bottles are an accessory you’re going to want to brag with!

  • Boston

    No surprise here, right? Boston has the largest population of people of Irish descent so the celebrations are pretty huge every year. Nearly 1 million people participate in the festivities and observe the parade. If you decide to visit the Irish Film Festival that takes place at the same time (and you can cope with the Irish accent), you’ll get to see some of the best Irish films from the previous year. Concert goers, get ready - a local Irish punk band, called the Dropkick Murphys, usually holds a series of 6 concerts every year!

  • New London, Wisconsin

    If you’re looking for something unorthodox, set sail towards New London. In addition to the traditional St. Paddy’s Day parade, this little town gets infested with mischievous leprechauns in the middle of March. They pull all sorts of pranks, from changing the city signs (New London to New Dublin) to teasing the visitors. Locals also do a full-fledged mock Irish funeral procession with a hearse and funeral shenanigans that are hilarious!

  • Chicago

    The Windy City holds one of the most popular St. Patrick’s Day celebrations (possibly even the second most popular). In addition to a spectacular parade, the city officials also dye the Chicago River green for the event! This year they are going to do it for the 56th time. This practice originated back in 1961 and the dye used is a jealously guarded secret!

  • New York City

    The definite most popular St. Paddy’s Day celebration in the world! America’s largest city gives it all it’s got - hours long parade through crowded streets; rivers of Guinness flowing freely; bars, restaurants, and nightclubs completely packed with people. During that one day, New York becomes the greenest city in the world and there are more Irish flags there than in Ireland. If you’re not a big fan of the crowds make sure to visit the Arts Center and get your face painted green, white and orange, play some Gaelic football, or learn to tap dance!

As you can see, there’s something here for every taste. Know where you’re going yet? Whatever you decide, make sure to stay safe and vape on! Oh, and send us a photo!

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