Charlie’s Chalk Dust

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A Story about a Boy Destined to Satisfy

A great salesman has only one mission. Care to guess what that mission is? It has nothing to do with attracting new customers, coming up with offers, or worrying about ROI or their bottom line. In fact, it has nothing to do whatsoever with making money!

Funny, right? We all make that rookie mistake; assuming that making money is the point when, actually, it’s just a natural byproduct. A true salesman is concerned with one thing and one thing alone: making his customers happy.

Charlies Chalk Dust EliquidCharlie was a born salesman and understood this instinctively. How else would he be able to sell painted rocks around his neighborhood? He did such a great job that the demand always seemed to outweigh supply – Charlie just couldn’t color that fast. Remember folks, we’re talking rocks here! So what to expect when that little boy wakes up one day, a grown man now, and decides to make and sell e-juices? Well, nothing short of a home run, frankly.

Charlie’s Chalk Dust is the name behind this story and the guy running the show is none other than Charlie himself! This premium e-juice company holds some of the most rewarded (and revered) juices in the States – Head Banging Boogie and SlamBerry come to mind straight away, both recipients of numerous rewards on various vape summits and shows. Head Banging Boogie is a delicious blueberry Popsicle and SlamBerry is the fullest strawberry flavor you’ve ever tasted!

Let’s not forget the rest though:

Drama Swirl – a yummy apricot-glazed golden pastry

Dream Cream – mouth-watering vanilla cream with just a dash of cinnamon and fudge

Peanut Butter & Jesus – a holier-than –thou spiritual experience with peanut butter and jelly

TrueBerry Sugar & Knife – a pineapple extravaganza with blackberry and maple drizzle

Mustache Milk – breakfast lovers have to try out these savory sweet cereals

Honey Badger – tobacco has never tasted better than in this cream and honey combination

Wonder Worm – crystallized gummy worms with sweet tarts, a childhood-inducing treat

CCD3 – are you up for some salted caramel ice-cream? Well, you’ve come to the right place

(Click Here To View All Flavors )

Is your head spinning from all the choices? Charlie’s got you covered! You can order Charlie’s Sampler box and taste them all! We dare you to try and find your favorite – we certainly couldn’t. Charlie’s liquids come in different blends, from 60/40 VG/PG to 80/20 – choose wisely, especially if you happen to be allergic!

Charlie wouldn’t be Charlie if he didn’t continue to amaze. That’s why you can also treat yourself to Charlie’s + Limitless brand new mod and atty which feature revolutionary button design, deeper juice wells, and plenty of versatility – a true power setup that will knock you out of your shorts!

It might look like we’re talking up Charlie a lot. There is no need to take our word for it! Visit Charlie’s Facebook page and take a look at the accolades his customers are bestowing upon him. Best juices, best customer support, best-looking mustache in the world…yadda, yadda, yadda – after around a dozen similar comments on there you’ll get the picture.

Charlie’s story is far from over and he’s keeping busy tinkering and coming up with new recipes all the time. In the meantime, you’re welcome to try out his available flavored e-juice rhapsodies any time you want – we’re always stocked up to our elbows here at BuyVapor.

Still, we advise you to hurry up – the word is spreading and making e-juice is considerably trickier than painting rocks!

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