Charlie's Chalk Dust Jam Rock

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Charlie, Charlie, Charlie... Just when we start to think that we can't be surprised by good old Charlie anymore, he throws us a curveball. He’s been tinkering away in that workshop of his, you see. Closed himself in and didn’t come out for days – people started to think that he croaked. It was very upsetting and so much unlike him. Everyone was rather worried.


There was no need to worry, of course. Charlie just pulled a fast one on us. A few days ago, he emerged victoriously and announced that, yes; he’s managed to create more outstanding flavors! Not one, but two! The first in the line was Jam Rock – a sour-sweet combination that owes everything to Granny Smith – the apple, not the sweet old lady.


Jam Rock was created for all you nostalgics out there who spent a better part of your childhood sucking on a bittersweet lollipop and making faces in the process.  That tanginess would make you cringe but there was something so good about it. Jam Rock is much the same – it starts of zesty and acerbic, almost too sharp but mellows out almost instantly after you inhale and then sweetness engulfs your palate, making it all worthwhile.


Charlies Chalk Dust Jam RockCharlie’s Jam Rock is a 70/30 VG/PG vape juice and it’s available in 30 and 60mL bottle sizes. You can enjoy it without nicotine (0mg blend) but you can also a choose 3, 6, and 12 milligram nicotine strengths.


If you’re ready to check out Charlie’s new goodies, head over to BuyVapor and order this tasty delight – it’s flying off the shelves but will keep a bottle handy just for you!

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