CNN Report On Dripping Misrepresents Facts

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Which is no Surprise at All

A couple of weeks ago the CNN ran a story about an alternative method of vaping known as dripping. First of all, kudos to the CNN - it only took them around seven years to write about something that was popular once upon a time! Although there are certainly vapers out there who’s preferred method of vaping is dripping, with the advances in tank technology they are certainly a dwindling minority.

CNN’s reporter, Susan Scuttl, took a story published in a medical journal ‘Pediatrics’ and ran with it - fact-checking wasn’t really a primary concern here. According to that study, ‘American teens who vape are increasingly engaging in a dangerous practice known as dripping’. The author of the study, Professor Suchitra Krishnan-Sarin from Yale University calls dripping a dangerous practice that can lead to increased intake of toxins.

Of course, that’s completely twisting the facts again - or should we call it ‘presenting alternative facts’? Tad Jensen, President of Utah Smoke Free Association, took the time to go through the entire article and set things straight. You can watch the video on Association’s Facebook Page.

The fact of the matter is that dripping is manually-intensive and should be done by experienced vapers. Not because it’s any more dangerous (health-wise) than regular vaping but because the technology involved is slightly more complex and needs to be understood so accidents can be avoided.

Original post by Susan Scuttl

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