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Hands Down the Yummiest Line of Sweet Vape Juices Out There!

...and the name says it all really! If you want to glaze up your coils, Coil Glaze is the vape juice collection you’re looking for. It was launched in the beginning of 2016 with the goal of surprising and dominating the market of sweet, dessert-flavored e juices. In just under a year, Coil Glaze has managed to carve out quite a name for themselves and seriously impress vapers around the world, including us here at BuyVapor.

Coil Glaze is manufactured by Gilla Inc., one of the leading manufacturers of premium e juices in the world and the name behind brands such as Craft Vapes, Craft Clouds, The Mad Alchemist, Replicants, and others. As all other Gilla e liquids, Coil Glaze is manufactured in the US, specifically in Florida, in one of the best e juice labs in the country. All ingredients used are high-quality American ingredients that have been vetted and tested numerous times.

Only in such near-perfect conditions could great flavors like the ones that are in the Coil Glaze collection be manufactured - there’s no substitute for quality and expertise in this business.

Coil Glaze currently offers four delicious flavors but there are plans for more in the future, so stay tuned!

Coil Glaze Flavors
  • Whipped Dreamz - a delicious homemade cake laced with ripe strawberries and whipped cream - a perfect start to your day, even if it’s not your birthday!

  • Them Applez - there is no apple pie that can compete with this delicious vape juice flavor - tart green apples, cream, and cinnamon conspire to blow your taste buds to heaven!

  • Honey Bunz - sweet, juicy, and absolutely bursting with cinnamon, Honey Bunz is a pastry flavor you will be hard-pressed to put down once you give it a try!

  • Berry Bluez - if you’re not into apples, strawberries, or honey, that’s  perfectly fine - Coil Glaze has a delicious serving of blueberry pastry drizzled with sugar that might be right up your alley!

(View All Coil Glaze Vape Flavors Here)


Coil Glaze has been making rounds around the world, announcing their new flavors and their eagerness to dominate the dessert niche of the vape juice world. Recently, they participated at the VapExpo2016 in Moscow where they’ve dazzled our Russian vape brothers with their tasty e liquids.

All Coil Glaze vape juices are available in 60ml bottles exclusively for now – this might be changing in the near future, what with all the new regulations but for now – a big bottle it is! And that's not a bad thing at all – you'll definitely want to stock up on your favorite Coil Glaze flavors! For fresh information about upcoming new flavors make sure you like their Facebook page right here – this is also the place where you'll address all your praise once you try something from their collection!

All you dessert lovers out there - best make sure that you visit BuyVapor to order your favorite Coil Glaze vape juice and give those taste buds of yours a good shake-up! Blueberry, strawberry, honey, or apples, it doesn't really matter what you pick - Coil Glaze makes all other dessert vapes bow down their head in shame because they're just so good!

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