Cole-Bishop Amendment

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Rep. Tom Cole Chats With Nicopure Labs About the Cole-Bishop Amendment

Congressman Tom Cole didn’t know much about the vaping industry a few years ago. When he started his fight with the FDA he was bothered by the fact that the FDA took it upon themselves to over-regulate an industry that, he believed, didn’t need so much interference. ‘It struck me as really unnecessary to go back to 2007 to get approval for vaping products’ - he says.

After looking into it, he realized that much more was at stake. And it is. FDA’s actions have jeopardized an industry that puts food on the tables of thousands of families.

And all for the sake of the almighty dollar.

‘I think the FDA got caught up in the hysteria over the declining use of tobacco products.’ That’s why he joined forces with congressman Sanford Bishop. The main concern of their bipartisan amendment is to change the grandfathered date for vaping products (February 15th, 2007) and switch it to August 8th, 2017 - the day when the Deeming Regulation came into effect. This would save vaping businesses millions of dollars and countless hours of work and would keep modern vaping devices on the market.

If you want to help this change along, call your congressman. Write to them. Make them understand how important it is to keep these products on the market and educate them on their life-saving potential.

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