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Lyfe Flavors Still Taste Delicious, Even With a Brand New Name

Every once in a while, a time comes to do something different. Change your hair, buy a new, crazy outfit, or just go out somewhere completely off your beaten track. In the case of Lyfe Flavors, the time has come for a new, more memorable name. Truth be told, with vape flavors so vibrant and popping, this name change seems fitting.

So everyone, give a warm welcome to Colors eLiquid!

Colors Eliquid 100mL

Don’t worry - a rose under any other name still smells as sweet. Lyfe flavors might have changed their name and had a small packaging makeover, but the blends remain the same. All your favorite flavors remain unchanged - Sour, Fruity, and Red are still alive and kicking. However, they’ve brought a friend to play; Colors Gold vape juice, a delicious butterscotch flavor is also available now.

Colors eLiquid might look like a new entrant to the already overcrowded vape juice market, but it’s got something that most of its competitors lack - a great behind-the-curtain team with years of hands-on experience when it comes to making vape juice. It’s a break-away line manufactured by Buckshot Vapors from the sunny Costa Mesa, California. In addition to their original Buckshot line, and now Colors, this group of enthusiastic vapers is also responsible for Clutch and TimeBomb juices, both in high demand.

But, enough of the introduction. It’s time to take a look at the new/old Colors vape juices and see why you absolutely have to give them a try if you hadn’t already.

Colors eLiquid - The Nitty-Gritty

As of writing this, Colors has four distinct vape juice flavors in the offer, with the last one added being Colors Gold. Here are their brief flavor profiles (don’t worry, we’ll get to the details in a minute):


  • Colors Sour - a collection of fruits, including apple, banana, and strawberry with a surprising and zesty kick on the exhale.
  • Colors Red - this delicious Charms candy flavor with strong notes of strawberry and cherry will catapult you back into your childhood.
  • Colors Fruity - this flavor is a real fruit medley, reminiscent of that hard fruit candy you had as a kid.
  • Colors Gold - breaking away from the usual fruity profile, Colors gold is a rum-infused butterscotch vape that will blow you away.

All Colors vape juices are available in 100mL chubby gorilla bottles. This might seem a tad too much, but trust us, they won’t last nearly as long as you think they will. Once you taste these flavors, you’ll vape them in the blink of an eye.These true all-day vapes come in nicotine strengths of 0, 3, and 6 milligrams and are mixed 60/40 in favor of VG. While certainly not intended for cloud-chasing, they are all extremely tasty, with intricate full-bodied aromas and flavors that are exactly what you’ve ordered.

Now that you know what to expect in terms of the general flavor profile and packaging, it’s time to dive deeper into the flavors themselves. They are mostly sweet and fruity, but are they artificial or natural? Surprisingly refreshing? A single overpowering note or a cacophony of flavors? There are so many questions to answer, so let’s dig in!

Red by Colors eLiquid

Colors eLiquid Red

The best way to describe Red vape juice is to remember the taste of those old Charms candies, the assorted fruit ones. The inhale is strong on strawberry - sweet, but not overly so. Think natural strawberry as opposed to artificial strawberry aromas that are so abundant in vape juices these days.

The exhale brings a mix of different fruit aromas, the strongest one of which is red cherry. After the sweet, but mellow strawberry, this cherry flavor really packs a punch, upping the sweetness to a whole new level and inviting you to take just another puff - if you can!

Fruity by Colors eLiquid

Fruity by Colors

If Red is a medley of fruit aromas, then it’s only fair to say that Fruity vape juice is an explosion of those! Inspired by the wildest and the richest fruit salads, Fruity is what you want to vape to satisfy your sweet tooth.

It starts off as a mix of watermelon and green apple - a refreshingly tarty combination that will make you smack your lips, but in a good way. Then you will notice the sweetness of pineapple as the vapor begins to roll down your tongue. For the grand finale, say hello to the wild cherry flavor that rounds it out so perfectly.

Sour by Colors eLiquid

Sour by Colors

Colors Sour vape juice is a repackaged Fruity with just a bit of a twist. If you found Fruity sweet and delicious, but lacking a certain kick, this is where you’re going to get it. Sour features all your favorite fruits, such as banana, strawberry, apple, pineapple, and cherry, and you get to enjoy them all with your first puff.

However, just a smidge of sourness added to the mix, and you’re suddenly in sour candy land. That sour note is noticeable straight off the bat, and you’ll feel it enveloping your taste buds immediately. Sour by Colors still packs a punch when it comes to how sweet it is, so if you need something for that sweet tooth of yours, you’re at the right address.

Gold by Colors eLiquid

Gold by Colors

This last flavor is a bit of a surprise coming from Colors eLiquid, but it’s promising that the line is branching out and including different flavor profiles and not just sticking to fruits. Gold vape juice is the creamiest butterscotch you’ve ever tasted, and it makes a point of proving that to you from the first puff. It’s sweet, but not too much, and the butter is just as it should be - creamy and silky, but without that oily taste some butterscotch juices are plagued by.

The exhale on Gold is a bit different; you will definitely be able to taste a hint of rum in there. Again, nothing overpowering - the balance of flavors is great here - but just enough to set it apart and remind you of a delicious Caribbean Rum Cake!

So there you have them - good old Lyfe Flavors repackaged and renamed, but still as delicious as always. Colors eLiquid offers plenty of AVD choices, especially since the inclusion of Gold vape juice, so make sure to grab your bottles right here at BuyVapor!

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