Controversial JUUL commercial

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Watch the Controversial Juul TV Commercials


JUUL Labs has become a prominent name in the vaping industry and in doing so has come under incredible scrutiny by media and the FDA about their previous marketing tactics being geared towards a young demographic.

The new marketing strategies will only feature older, former smokers compared to the attractive 20something millennial that was used previously. Changes have been made to their social media accounts and their JUUL affiliate program has been shut down.    

Why is this controversial?

You might be asking yourself why these new JUUL advertisements are such a big deal. Here is what we know: 

The "Make the Switch" campaign will be airing on national cable channels after 10 p.m. local time. The ads, a series of different commercials, are aimed at adults 35 years and older, and feature former smokers between the ages of 37 and 54, who talk about their experience with cigarettes, and how Juul helped them quit.

“It’s clear that we’re focused on the mission of the company to convert people off combustible cigarettes,” said Ann Hoey, Juul’s vice president of marketing. “This is campaign that is a sort of an honest, straight down the middle of the fairway, very clear communication about what we’re trying to do as a company.”

Now that they've sold out to Big Tobacco (the company sold a large stake to tobacco giant Altria) it brings doubt to JUUL's strives to prove to regulators such as the FDA, that it's on the side of smoking cessation.

In addition, tobacco companies have been restricted from advertising on TV and in print dating back to the '70s. Electronic cigarettes are, for the meantime, a loophole because Federal and state regulators have yet to apply the current tobacco marketing restrictions to the e-cig market. JUUL is technically following the rules so it remains to be seen if these new TV commercials will draw the ire of the FDA.

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