Cuttwood Vapors – All Hail the Sauce Boss!

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Cuttwood Vapors – All Hail the Sauce Boss!

Is there anyone here who hasn’t heard of Cuttwood?

Yeah, we thought as much!


This world renowned brand is one of many (really many!) that set up shop in sunny California. However, there is really very little vape juice manufacturers that can even dream to compete with Cuttwood.

That’s because the Sauce Boss knows the best. Their premium e liquids can be found around the globe and that kind of popularity doesn’t come easily. All their vape juices are unique and flavorsome and there is something in their lineup for even the pickiest vapers. 

Pastry, fruity, sweet, minty, tobacco - regardless of the type of vape juice you are looking for, you can rest assured that Cuttwood’s cooks have already thought of it, spent months perfecting it, and won a slew awards for their ingenuity! Yes, they are certainly that good! Six years in business is more than enough time for Cuttwood to establish themselves as an industry leader and that’s exactly what they did.

Let’s take a closer look at some of their best-known concoctions.

Cuttwood Flavors

  • Boss Reserve – a heavenly blend of sliced bananas and honey Graham cereal. A small bottle of Boss Reserve is a true savory feast for your taste buds!
  • Unicorn Milk –controversial little devil, Unicorn Milk is a sweet blend of strawberry and milk, a perfect substitute for your daily milkshake.
  • Mega Melons – previously known as Big Melons, it’s still stayed a great vape juice, even after the name change. A rich mix of melons, papaya, and mango that will blow you away!
  • Bird Brains – Fruit Loops in a bottle – Bird Brains is a real treat for every vaper with a sweet tooth. Like cereal and fruit? This is definitely your vape juice!
  • Sugar Drizzle – known to connoisseurs as Sugar Bear, this vape juice is a great combination of cinnamon and baked pastry – a perfect morning vape.

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All Cuttwood juices are produced from premium ingredients in controlled environment – a testament that the company learns from its mistakes. Their vape cooks are among the best in the world; they have to be to create such great e liquids.


Cuttwood is one of the rare vape juice companies that are really cultivating a community of vapers. Their Cuttwood TV streams not only their juice reviews but also their sponsorships efforts. Currently, the company is sponsoring Red Bull races and have a car there competing under their own colors!


If you want to keep abreast of everything Cuttwood does in and for the community, check out their Facebook page. You will get all the cool information there and also a chance to participate in their frequent giveaways – talk about a deal!


You don’t need to hunt for Cuttwood products. Visit us at Buy Vapor and discover all of their flavors as soon as possible. If you’ve never tried Cuttwood you’re missing out – it’s time to rectify that mistake!

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