Encourage Their Working Colleagues Not to Dismiss Ecigs

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The UK Royal College of General Practitioners Encourage Their Working Colleagues Not to Dismiss Ecigs


The RCGP is the UK’s voice of General Practice of Medicine. They create guidelines that working professionals are encouraged to follow when dealing with patients. Earlier in November, RCGP issued a statement that is in accordance with a statement issued by the Office of Public Health – GP’s shouldn’t dismiss electronic cigarettes as a viable harm-reduction option.


So far, UK’s general practitioners were somewhat shy when it came to recommending ecigs to their patients. A survey revealed that only 17% of them would offer that option to a patient while 14% said they were not entirely sure.


The RCGP dismissed the idea that e cigarettes are a potential gateway to smoking for the youth. Also, the Royal College does not agree that vapor is in any form harmful to bystanders – at least, no way which has been conclusively proven. They do note that there is a true need for more research in this particular area but that this should not prevent doctors from recommending e cigarettes as a means of smoking cessation.


Great Britain is taking great leaps in the right direction, along with Canada and other countries. Can we hope that the US might follow at some point? Sadly, that’s pretty much all we can do right now - hope and fight for a better tomorrow for vapers and the industry.


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