FDA Extends Vape Registration Deadline

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FDA Extends Vape Registration Deadline

Most of you are well-aware that all existing vape products (coils notwithstanding!) that were on the market prior to August 8th 2016, have to be registered with the FDA until the end of this year. New innovations that came to fruition after the said date have to go through a lengthy review and registration process without any guarantee they will be approved.

Registration of old products (those on the market prior to August 8th) is no simple matter – manufacturers have to register every piece of technology, every coil, every vape juice, separately. Vape juices of different nicotine strengths have to be submitted on a different form.

Well, thanks to bureaucratic ineffectiveness and an overwhelming response by manufacturers eager to stay compliant, the deadline for registration has been extended by six months.

While this is a welcome reprieve for those manufacturers who have fallen behind, it’s also a signal of something bigger. It means that the FDA is unable to follow its own rules and if that is true we can expect another extension before long. If the response by manufacturers stays the same we may also see FDA mellowing the rules a bit because their sinister (albeit unspoken) goal of driving the vaping industry underground failed and their actions backfired.


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