FDA Manipulating the News

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Aiding Big Pharma

Recently, an investigation by the Scientific American Magazine revealed that the FDA has been manipulating information handed out to the public. While, it’s not uncommon for government agencies to ask news outlets to refrain from publishing something until a certain date, it is, however, very uncommon for them to dictate what sources can be used by journalists while working on a story.


Essentially, FDA has been telling journalists who they can and cannot be talking with when doing research for a story, as well as what information they can use. NPR reporter, Rob Stein, was invited to one of these briefings by the FDA. When he expressed his discomfort to the terms and asked to be given some leeway, he was rejected. Ultimately, he agreed to the terms because there was no other way for him to attend.


This is a serious violation of journalistic freedom, in our opinion. Why is the FDA going to such great lengths to filter the information people are getting? Is it possible they are not doing it for the public benefit but to give a hand to large corporations? We’ll give you one guess!


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