FDA’s Clarification on Vaping Industry

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FDA’s Clarification is a Minute Concession to Vaping Industry

The FDA has made a tiny concession to vape shops in regards to its deeming ruling that came into effect in August, 2016. However, don’t get overly  excited - the ruling still poses a very serious threat to the entire industry and to the lives of vapers as it can be seen from the case of Andrew Hall, a novice vaper whose battery exploded (knocking out 7 of his teeth) because he had no idea what he was doing and his vape shop was not allowed to assist him.

Still, it’s progress. Vape shops will be allowed to assemble setups which can be bought as a kit from now on, as well as refill tanks and fit premade coils that are similar to the ones customers already use. This will not be pursued by the FDA as a violation.

However, vape shops still can’t assist customers with RBAs and this means they can’t recoil those devices. Considering how that’s the biggest issue for most vapers (especially new ones) the deeming regulation seems to simply create problems where none existed before.

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