FDA’s Deliberate Misinformation Campaign

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It's Hurting Public Health

Most vapers are already fully aware of the fact that vaping is much safer than smoking. Studies conducted by Public Health England (PHE) also confirm that, stating that ‘vaping is at least 95% less detrimental to health than smoking’. Unfortunately, the general public is not aware of it.

A study published recently in Addictive Behaviours by professors David T. Sweanor and Lynn T. Kozlowski notes that FDA’s very public stance on e cigarettes is damaging to public health. Participants in national surveys have no idea that most research on e cigs concludes with a statement that they are, in fact, a safer alternative to smoking. 32% of participants in a national youth survey expressed a belief that electronic cigarettes are more damaging than analog cigarettes and only 7% believe they are safer.

Sweanor and Kozlowski state in their paper that: ‘these consumers and potential consumers have a fundamental right to be well aware of the dramatic differential harms from the various products they are already or might consider using’ - in other words, people are entitled to the truth.

Great Britain is making great strides in reducing the number of smokers, mainly because they’ve adopted vaping as a viable means of smoking cessation. Unfortunately, regulatory agencies in the United States have a different agenda, one that doesn’t seem to care a lot about the public health or the truth.

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