Hands for a Billion Lives

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Lives Unites Vapers From All Over the US

On Saturday, October 22nd, at 2:22 PM vapers around the States united in a silent protest against the organized efforts by Big Pharma and the FDA that aim to bury the vaping industry. It’s estimated that close to 1 billion lives will be lost due to tobacco in this century. Vaping can help people kick an ugly habit and live longer and more productive lives.


Around 30 people gathered on the Capitol grounds here in Salt Lake City, holding hands and urging the FDA and the government to reconsider their deeming rule. Turnout in other US cities was fairly good but if we want to enact a positive change we need vapers to attend these events in larger numbers and make their voices heard.


However, despite lower than anticipated numbers, the event was picked up by local news stations. That’s a step in the right direction because we need and want this story in people’s living rooms – their own lives might depend on it in the near future. A big shout-out to everyone who participated, especially to those who didn’t let wind or rain stop them!


You’re heroes – each and every one of you!


Original post by Aaron Frazier


Source: http://utsmokefree.org/2016/10/hands-4abl-demonstration/

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