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Mighty Vapes from the Golden State, Mateys!

That’s right! Another vape juice company hailing from California – what a shocker, right! Hold Fast Vapors opened their door back in 2013 in Orange County and have since established themselves as manufacturers of premium vape juice.

What we love about Hold Fast is their total commitment to their maritime theme! Of course, ‘hold fast’ is a nautical term often heard on sailboats these days. These guys take it way back into the past when hold fast was bellowed on the decks of pirate ships. The anchor logo accentuates the theme and vape juice names underline it – it’s a branding effort you really have to admire.

Hold Fast does a range of sweet and candied flavors – there aren’t many of them but that is because the company really puts a lot of effort into developing unique tastes that are sure to impress their customers – and those who are planning to become ones, like you! Of course, all Hold Fast e liquids are made from premium ingredients in a certified laboratory so you can rest easily knowing that you’re purchasing a safe, quality-controlled product.

Back to the flavors! As mentioned, Hold Fast Vapors offer 5 distinct flavors whose names reflect this whole pirate-y theme going on here:

Hold Fast Flavor Lineup

  • Jaws – aptly named Jaws might give you a bit of trouble with your own jaw! This hard candy flavored e juice is a perfect all-day vape for all you troubled with a nasty sweet tooth!
  • Davey Jones Locker – this rich and sweet combination of berries and mango is perfectly tempered with just a touch of pineapple – if you love a bit of tanginess with your sweets, this one is for you!
  • Mutiny – don’t let your taste buds rebel! Treat them to Mutiny, a scrumptious flavor of berries and green pear coupled with delicious cream – a vacation for your palate!
  • Pirates Booty – x certainly does mark the spot and this is one booty you don’t want to miss! A delicious combo of strawberry, banana, and cotton candy, Pirates Booty is a vape juice like no other!
  • Port Royal – a pastry-flavored vape juice that will put you in mind of best cupcakes you’ve ever eaten. Add to that the taste of maple syrup and candied nuts, and you’ve got one hell of a vape!

(To View All Hold Fast Vapor Flavors Click Here)

Hold Fast Vapors has another line of vape juice called Sour Dream – perfect for everyone who loves sour gummy candy! That line uses 100% tobacco free nicotine. All Hold Fast vape juices are 70/30 VG/PG blends and the original Hold Fast line is available in 30mL bottles!

For more information about Hold Fast offers, make sure you’re following their Facebook page. You’ll be privy to firsthand information there and can participate in frequent giveaways. Also, you’ll get to see the enormous amount of love Hold Fast Vapors are getting from their faithful customers there!

Visit BuyVapor and check out all the sweet and delicious vape juices from Hold Fast Vapors – six in the original line and four more in the Sour Dream line. If you’re looking for a new candied all-day, you’re definitely in the right place!

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